How Cloud Computing Will Change The Way You Work


Cloud computing is an innovative solution for your small business. For many years, the technology was considered too expensive and complex, and thus was only suitable for large enterprises. However, as technology advanced and became cheaper, cloud services also evolved, and have become an ideal solution for all types and sizes of businesses. Below is a look how IBM cloud computing will benefit your small business.

Reduced Cost: Cloud computing is one of the most cost-efficient technologies for your small business to implement, maintain and upgrade. This solution eliminates the capital costs, as well as licensing costs that were associated with traditional desktop software solutions. Cloud solution providers offer scalable options such as pay-as-you-go and one-time-payment to cater for the different needs of your business. In addition, you can customize or select the services and applications that your business requires in order to save on costs.

Increased Productivity: With cloud, you are able to reduce your cost per unit, product, or project, and in effect increase productivity. This solution enhances automation within your small business, to the effect that, your business requires fewer employees to carry out various functions. As such, your business will have extra funds and resources that you can channel to other essential operations.

Streamlined Processes: Automation reduces the number of employees required to fulfill tasks. This enables more work to be done, within shorter periods and thus, your products are able to reach the markets faster. The implementation of these solutions is also very easy.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery & Backup: With all your data safely stored in one secure location, backup becomes much easier, compared to having it on numerous locations or physical storage devices. On the other hand, solutions such as IBM cloud computing support the latest technologies in disaster recovery to ensure that you are able to effectively, recover your data and eliminate downtime.

Easy Access to Information: Cloud computing enables your business to break any geographical boundaries and time zones. You can access your information from virtually any location on the globe. In addition, you can use a wide range of devices from laptops, PCs, and even mobile devices. Therefore, you are able to work remotely and even have employees based in any part of the world.

Unlimited Storage: Cloud solution providers offer unlimited storage capacity, compared to hard drive or server limits. This enables your business to store, transact, and backup data, without incurring additional capital expenditure.

Overall, IBM cloud computing is a step in the right direction for your business. Regardless of the few shortcomings including the technical aspects and security concerns that are associated with this solution, experts believe that cloud services will keep growing and developing in the coming years.

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