LaCie 324i Monitor Review


If we compare this monitor with those offered by HP or Dell then the comparison would be unfair. Those big industrial giants offer products which are difficult to match in terms of features, price and quality of the product. However, LaCie 324i has made a worthwhile effort to provide a monitor which could compete with them in the same price range. However, users of LaCie 324i would then have to make a compromise on some of the features.

For a price of $1,150, LaCie 324i provides its users, excellent functioning and an ergonomic design which you would anticipate from every certified monitor. Amongst its features, it includes RBG, Adobe RGB Presets, Gamma options, color temperature, black level control etc. In few words, it could be said LaCie 324i delivers great performance on its own scale and should not be compared with the heavy industry giants as mentioned earlier.

Design and Features

LaCie 324i offers you a 24” monitor which delivers great performance and is well known for its colors accuracy, gamut, contrast and black level. In terms of performance it could be said that the monitor is on par with other monitors available. However, if we analyze the design, there is nothing new which might catch our eye. Just like all other monitors, LaCie 324i has a thick panel and a dark frame.

Further going into the details as users pay great attention to the measurements these days, then it could be said that the company has done a decent enough job on it. It has depth of 1.9 inches and1.6 inches extended more for the connection. It also requires a 12.2 inch wide oval foot stand to sit on, which has a depth of 9.8 inches.

One concern most users show is regarding the adjustment of the angles. Therefore in order to resolve this issue LaCie 324i provides various adjustments which could be done. It allows a 35 degree back tilt, 45 degree left and right swivel and 90 degree pivot to the right.

Manufacturers make a product but do not think of the safety features often. For instance, a sleek monitor might topple at a small touch. This isn’t a worry in LaCie 324i as it has a great base to support it; therefore you just need to sit back and enjoy the performance rather than to worry about the toppling of the monitor.

Another criticism which monitors face is that it does not provide adequate connectivity options such as ports. However, LaCie 324i provides you display ports, HDMI port and a DVI port. Furthermore, it has also two USB upstream and downstream ports. One problem while connecting is that all of its ports are facing downwards, therefore until you adjust the angle you won’t be able to plug them in. All of these ports are placed at the back side of the monitor.

The Good: Great performance, stable base, appropriate angle positioning, ergonomic options.

The Bad: In the same price, there are better options available which give tough competition, no eye catching factor.

The Bottom Line: The LaCie 324i is said to be priced economically keeping in mind the features it has to offer. Those who are brand conscious wouldn’t buy this and rather opt for the industry giants such as HP or Dell.

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