ESP 7250 of Kodak with Added Feature of iPhone Connectivity


ESP 7250 of Kodak with Added feature of iPhone connectivity

All the ESP model printers from Kodak are extremely consistent since its launch in the market. Almost all its models do all the essential functions at its best and ESP 7250 is yet another model in line.

This compact printer is stylish and good looking and is black bodied. Since it does not supports automatic feeder the case cover is designed with glossy surface and is appealing. The input tray can hold 100 paper sheets ranging from envelope size to executive size. The proviso for USB port and Ethernet are at the back side along with an auto duplexer positioned at the middle.

The front panel consists of LCD colour screen, four-way switch, and another five buttons for various operations. Despite of its smaller size, the front panel is legible and easy for operation. All the functions of the buttons are indicated in the LCD screen when pressed. Unlike other economy model, ESP 7250 has two trays one for input and other for output. The main tray can be adjusted to hold paper of any size.

This printer also comes with automatic paper sensor which senses the paper and makes necessary adjustment in the settings. It contains 2 memory cards and an USB panel for attaching digital camera. Each time you insert something into the memory card the images are displayed in LCD screen for viewing them correctly.

The entire unit is as such fully assembled device. So assembling is not a problem with ESP 7250 from Kodak. The ink cartridges are two in this printer. One black for normal printout and the other five-in-one for colour printing. This colour cartridge is really cost saving and you need to spend very less for each printout.

It took 15 minutes to install the software drive by CD and the printer was ready to go. The printing was clear without any confusion. You can manually adjust the settings or allow the automatic sensor to make it for you.

During the process of printing the blue colour power key illuminates and symbol of Kodak is seen in the LCD screen. The Home Solution enables you to choose multiple applications like scan, edit, print, tips and tools and much more.

You can get your iPhone or iPad connected to the printer and download photos via Bluetooth. This is another plus point with this budget printer.

As observed in all ESP models of Kodak, this 7250 was functioning with average speed and took more time to printout text document. As expected, a photo printout was slower than other all-in-one models. This was the case for printing speed.  For scanning also, this printer was highly slower of all available printers.

Leaving the speed factor, the quality of the output was indeed great. The test was done to check the quality in different modes and the printer was proving its capability to the maximum in showing quality. Apart from text, scan and copying quality was also satisfactory.

If you have no necessity to take printouts from your Apple’s iPhone then you can settle with Kodak 5250 for just $119 with all the above features. But if you wish to have automatic feeder, high profile touch screen then make out for ESP 7250 with added features. Both are within budget and cost saving models from Kodak.

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