Laser Jet M1212nf of HP is Within Your Budget


Laser Jet M1212nf of HP is within your budget

The printer is modestly priced for $199 and gives excellent print quality at moderate cost. It is black in colour with a plastic body covering and is handy and good looking. The panel located in the front is tilt able and is facilitative for usage. The control panel contains four operative keys and a small LCD slot. No keys are illuminated except power button in the downside of the printer.

The input tray can hold 150 papers and an additional 100 paper tray is located above it. The cover of the scanner is designed to accommodate only thin sheets and not thick books. The top portion is controlled by spring operation and hence it stays in the same position until closed manually. The printer contains sockets on its sides for easy lifting by hand. It does not support wireless connection and hence contain two USB ports.

Everything is compact and fits suitably inside the printer. So M1212nf will not require more space in your office. For unpacking you have to remove all the plastic restraints from cartridge initially for smooth functioning of the unit.

As promised by HP the driver could be easily set up in the computer without any difficulty. The installation is programmed automatic. The installation is automatic for Windows only and not in Windows 7 where it can be set up using USB cable. The CD for installing the drive contains the manual in PDF format. HP M1212nf comes with smart install feature unlike other printers.

The functioning of printer was good and without any trouble. Throughout the testing process, the printer did not get struck up even for one time and hence it is real solid printer for office. Accommodated with only one tray sometimes it is difficult to load labels or card stock equally with ordinary paper.

The speed was well above average and the output was great with HP M1212nf. It could beat the record of some other laser printer in its speed for printing only text document. When tested for mixed document, the printer ran a bit slow but the difference was not very significant.

An Econo-mode feature is available in this printer to save the toner and thus you could save few more dollars.

The function of copying and scanning was also good with HP M1212nf. It could also convert the text into word processed file. It is equipped with outstanding optical recognition unit called ‘Read iris Pro’ which performed remarkably in special settings. This feature enables you to convert the scanned copy into word file with good format.

The print quality text is superb with well defined sharp characters properly spaced. Even it excelled in printing photos with high quality.

The only drawback observed in this Laser jet printer M1212nf was its cost for consumables. The cost equals with inkjet printer and not like a laser printer. With an average workload, you can save more money if you are using this printer. Hence, it is an ideal choice within your budget for your office which demands only fewer printouts per month.

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