iPad 3: All the Rumors


February is coming to an end fast, implying that the much-awaited announcement about the iPad 3 is around the corner. In general, the iPad enthusiasts are already at it, eagerly waiting to hear the release date for this rumored groundbreaking tablet. And because most tech websites and observers have asked you to mark March 7 on your calendar, there is no official word yet from Apple depicting the real date for it’s unveiling. Yet many tablet users are even getting ready to sell their iPad 2 so as to be in the right excitement for the iPad 3!

All the Rumors

There are reports that indicate the iPad 3 will have a Brilliant Retina display along with two LED lights. So, it is expected that it will be brighter than any other tablet available out there. The same reports also indicate that it will integrate processor A6 while iOS while be its prime operating system. What’s more, it has been rumored that the tablet will have an 8MP actual camera while the inclusion of a HD Camera is set to be a major selling point for the tablet.

The other feature that virtually all tablet enthusiasts are looking forward to is certainly siri. However, this seems to be headed for a number of controversies and uncertainties.

It is also expected that the battery will be a bit larger and revamped. In addition, the screen will be different. The rumors have also revealed leaked images that provide us with a sense of belief and hope regarding what is expected to be one of the most eagerly-awaited devices in history.

Reliable sources have indicated that the latest iPad will be dynamic and the gadget will most certainly be simple to the previous iPad devices in terms of appearance. Nevertheless, it is believed that the iPad will be appropriately an mm thicker than its predecessor in general.

In addition, the device is expected to have a greatly more powerful processing unit and this is in line with the overall feeling of the fans. However, one of the biggest surprises should be the expectation that it will not include a quad-core chip. In its place, it will maintain the original dual core configuration. Past rumors regarding the iPad 3 flaunting quad-core processional unit plus a LTE capability seem to be incorrect for a number of genuine reasons. To start with, redesigning the device in order to include the quad core processing unit would result in more costs as well as the amount of time required thereby delaying the launch of the much-awaited device even further.

When it comes to the 4G connectivity, the chip-set is only set to be ready probably before the end of the year and not as early as March, when we are all anticipating the release of the new device. Otherwise, that would mean further delay before the technology is finally adopted into the tablets.

When it comes to the release date, you are already aware that February seems to be ending before any formal announcement. So, considering that the release of the iPad 2 last year took a lot of time for discovering resellers, you can bet that history will certainly repeat itself even this time round. On the other hand, one of the Apple’s key strategic policies require that the subsequent release or upgrades be done on an occasional basis.

However, one thing is for sure that with this February having 29 days (yes, it’s a leap year), taking into account Apple’s historical trends, you can expect the pattern to be repeated.

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