3 Must Have Accessories For The Kindle Fire


The Kindle Fire is a fun gadget to check your email on the go, surf the web, play games, read comic books, watch a movie, listen to music and more. So in essence it’s a content consumption device and as such makes for an ideal travel companion when outside the home.

Whether you use the Kindle Fire to catch the latest Adam Sandler comedy while commuting to and from work or catch up on the latest episode of Mad Men while waiting at the DMV, there are a few essentials you should get that will turn your Kindle tablet into an even more fun, interesting or comfortable gadget.

kindle fire and stylus

See our list of three must have accessories for the Kindle Fire below.

1. Case With Stand For Kindle Fire –

Since the Amazon tablet is ripe for viewing media such as videos, TV shows and movies a case with a built in stand is a must to prop it up. Preferably try to get a case with stand that can be used vertically or horizontally and that the buttons are easy to reach. A few good case manufacturer brands include Case-Mate, Otterbox, Marware and Case Crown.

2. Micro USB To USB Cable –

Should you want to quickly and easily download media and files from your PC to your Kindle Fire a micro USB to USB cable will be needed. One is not included in the box with purchase, but you can easily get one on Amazon for less than $20. This is a must have accessory if you plan to transfer photos, videos, music, docs, files, etc.

3. Kindle Fire Stylus –

One accessory you will definitely want to get as soon as possible after getting your Fire is a stylus pen. This will make it easier on your fingers and hand to type on the touch screen for whatever commands you wish to give it. The screen and display is quite responsive but it can get tired fast to constantly be using your fingers, so a stylus comes in super handy.

Technically you don’t need any of the above mentioned items, but they do add to the device and makes things a tad on the easier or more comfortable. Let us know below in the feedback area what are some of your must have accessories for the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon.

Missy loves her shiny new Kindle Fire and uses it on a daily basis to check email, surf the shopping and deal forums and blogs and watches movies on it when out and about. When she’s not fussing with her Kindle Fire, she writes about life insurance and gives out life insurance quotes for a company on the web.

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