The 4 C’s of Diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat


When you are planning to buy diamonds, do you ever wonder how are they sorted out and priced? If you did, then you know how important these aspects are when it comes to selecting a loose diamond to set in your jewelry. There are factors that help jewelers determine whether a diamond is rare or expensive. These factors can also help you determine the quality and the value of the diamond you’re looking to purchase. The factors are called the 4 C’s of Diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

Diamond prices increase as Cut, Color, Clarity, and the Carat weight of the diamond increases. Cut determines the shape of the diamond. It also allows the gem to emit its maximum brilliance and sparkle. The more angles it has, the more expensive it gets. Clarity is determined by how much blemishes and “inclusions” the diamond has – something that they are naturally formed with. Clarity is often assumed to be the most important factor between the four, color and (especially) cut have a more profound effect on the aesthetic appearance of a diamond compared to the diamond’s clarity – which is often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. The smaller the inclusions, the more expensive it gets. The color of a diamond also determines the price of the gem. Some colors are actually rarer compared to other colors – including the typical, colorless ones. Carat is the unit weight for all kinds of gemstones. Naturally, the bigger the diamond is, the more expensive it gets.

So why is it important for anyone who wants to buy a diamond to know about the 4 C’s? It will help you get high quality diamonds at the right price! You can also use these factors to determine if the price that’s being offered to you for a diamond is right. It can also help you acquire a good piece for a lower price by choosing a diamond with less clarity, carat, cut or color quality. The Infograph can also help you visualize how the 4’Cs actually work. Enjoy!

May Flores is a multitasker who works for Brilliance Loose Diamonds. She’s able to squeeze in freelance work between delivering marketing material as a home-based writer for several blogs and keeping up with her family.

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