5 Popular Google Chrome Extensions To Boost Productivity


Google Chrome is today’s most popular and most used browser. Its the hot favourite of almost internet user. There are many users who shifted from Firefox to Google Chrome, only because of speed, simplicity and extensibility that Chrome offers. Google Chrome keeps things really very simple. There are no complicated options anywhere that can confuse any end-user. It is also very fast, probably the fastest among others. The entire browser doesn’t hang up, if a single tab stops responding, as it uses separate processes for separate tabs.

But the main thing I like about Google Chrome is its huge collection of extensions or addons. You can find any extension you can think of in the Chrome Web Store. And most importantly everything is free. You don’t need to spend a single penny to to use any of its extensions.

In this article, I have listed some of the best google chrome extensions that are really very popular and can help anyone to increase their productivity.


Gmelius is for those who want a better looking Gmail. It removes all ads from Gmail and also makes the user interface much better and cleaner. I personally use this extension to make my Gmail interface look much fresh and simple.

Moreover, it doesn’t store any history or mess up with any Gmail settings. If you are having any problem in using it, then you can disable any other extensions that is targeting Gmail, to avoid conflicting issues.

FB Photo Zoom

It is really a very cool extension, that can enhance your Facebook photo viewing experience. It shows you a much larger or zoomed versions of each and every photo in Facebook photo albums. It becomes a real problem when you are viewing hundreds of photos in a photo album, and you need to click on each of the thumbnails to view their larger versions.

This extension, solves this problem. Just mouse over on any zoomable image, and it will zoom it for you. And it’s completely safe, as it doesn’t mess with any of your Facebook settings or history.

Google Dictionary

This extension makes the boring and time-consuming job of finding the meanings of words really easy, simple and intuitive. You can just double click on any word and the meaning will appear in a popup bubble. You can also use its search box to view the complete meaning and phrases of the word.

So knowing the meaning of any word cannot be more simple and intuitive than this extension. And it not only supports English language, but it also supports many other languages like Chinese, Russian, French, etc. is a real-time file sharing application. So, forget about waiting for hours for large files to get uploaded before you can download them. With service, you can get the download link instantly. You do not need to wait for the entire file to get uploaded.

It also helps you to keep a track on your files popularity as it can show you how many times your files have been downloaded, and also other useful informations that you desire. And most importantly, it is completely free of cost. You don’t need to spend a single bucks for availing this cool service.


Wunderlist is a very productive application. It is basically a task-management app, which you can use to list all your pending works. It has cloud storage feature, with which it can sync all your tasks in the cloud, so that it becomes available for you on any device you use. It is available in various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone and many more.

And most importantly, it is available in the Google Chrome Web Store, so if you are using Google Chrome browser, then you can use this app for free and increase your productivity. Its like a perfect companion who will remember everything on your behalf, and will never let you forget a single task ever.

I hope these extensions will help you increase your productivity. if you have some more great extensions to share with us, feel free to comment here.

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