Five Things You Didn’t Know About Smartphones


Just in front of your eyes, your Smartphone can be converted to various other applications you might not even imagine possible. Smartphone, as the name itself suggests, is smart enough to perform various functions of so many different gadgets.

You can convert your Smartphone into an e-book reader, an iPod, and even make it comparable to the latest audio system. But these are the characteristics which are widely known by everyone over the last few years.

Now, it is the time to think a little bit out of the box and really get the maximum benefit from the bucks you spent purchasing this expensive piece of technology. Here is a list of various smart things you can do with your Smartphones:

Cut down the weight of business cards in your wallet

Download ‘CamCard’ or ‘Business Card Reader’, click and save the business card details of any number of people you meet at the next social gathering. These details can also be looked on Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut automatically by these wonderful apps. Searching the address on the card is easy with these applications, as it directly links your Smartphone to Google Maps. Recognize the electronic signatures in your e-mails and save them for future use.

Spying is easy with your Smartphone

The phone with ‘DroidCam’ Wireless Webcam” downloaded in it can act as a stand-alone camera. This camera not just allows you to record and play back the videos of the supervised area, but also gives you a push notification when detects some unexpected action in the area. It also allows you to use the Smartphone as a webcam with inbuilt microphone.

Helping manage your car better

If you download apps like ‘FuelLog’ on your Smartphone, it can identify your car mileage, the fuel utilized, costing of the car, the amount and timing of the insurance payment, average parking costs, and so many other interesting stats.

The ‘Control of the Car’ application enables you to start the engine and get it warmed up from anywhere (provided your car supports this feature). ‘Where Did I Park’ application helps you identify the parking areas at close distance from your car and the traffic situation around it.

Start printing without getting wired to your printer

Just download apps like ‘Cloud Print’ or ‘Print Central Pro’ and start printing the doc files, SMS thread, e-mails, contacts, etc. from your phone, without getting wired with the printer. This information can also be saved on your computer clipboard before printing and can be shared with any other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled device.

Listen to the lullabies on your Smartphone

Manage your sleep just with your Smartphone and treat your insomnia without visiting a doctor. ‘Pure Sleep’ by AmbiScience offer you with a variety of soundtracks specially arranged for inducing sleep. The combinations of various sounds of noise, nature, and entertainment help you to get a perfect sleep. The names of different soundtracks are ‘Angel Ascension’ and ‘An Evening Rain’.

This application called ‘Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock’ keeps record of your sleep patterns and most beautifully wakes you during the phase of lightest sleep. This makes you feel refreshed after waking.

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