LG Optimus 2X Review


LG Optimus 2X Review

LG released one of the first dual-core processor smartphones. The Optimus 2X is in the race for the fastest Android phone title. This new processor really brings a revolution in multitasking on mobile phones industry.

Keyboard comfortable only in landscape mode

The virtual keyboard is again featured on the Optimus 2X. In portrait mode, the text input is quite complex. The buttons are too small and too close to each other. Consequently, typing errors are fairly common. In landscape mode, things work out better and you can switch between three different keyboards, one for letters, another for numbers and punctuation marks and the last for a variety of symbols. Note that you also get a series of smiley and it is possible to change the input language.

The fastest Android phone?

Not necessarily! Indeed, despite the use of a dual-core processor, the Optimus 2X takes about 35 seconds to power up, among the slowest on the market. The Nvidia Tegra 2 with its two cores is actually quite fast, you can theoretically use it on a netbook. The navigation is fluid and pages slide smoothly, with no lags. Ditto for launching applications. Note that by clicking the home button of the device, you can access a comprehensive overview of all options. The multitasking management is remarkable. Even with multiple applications running, the 2X won’t slow down. When surfing the Internet, pages load very quickly (about fifteen seconds). On a HSDPA-enabled network you can download content without a hitch. Alternatively, you can use the Wi-Fi connection. The device can be transformed your into a hotspot to share the data connection with other devices.

Email and Apps

The LG Optimus 2X is compatible with Microsoft Exchange. There’s nothing much to say about this feature, the setup is simple and receiving messages is done automatically. Most attachment formats are compatible with the Android and you can edit the attached Word document or Excel spreadsheet files. You can use multiple email accounts including Yahoo and Hotmail. Gmail receives the best support from the Android OS, for example you can mark your emails among other things. Adding an attachment for email is as simple as clicking on the paperclip icon. Alternatively, you can take a photo or choose one from the gallery. You can also embed a video, slide show, voice message or any file.

For social networks, the Optimus 2X naturally incorporates applications for Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. For the rest, you should find the app in the Android Market.

The Chrome Lite browser allows a smooth web browsing. Pages are loaded quickly and the browser can display Flash animations, unlike the iPhone’s Safari. The multi-touch screen allows quick zooming by spreading your fingers. You also have two icons at the bottom of the screen for zooming and adjusting the page.

With a click on the tab at the top right, you access a menu that lists your bookmarks, most visited sites and browsing history. You can, of course, open multiple pages simultaneously, making text selection, searching a page and sharing website URL. However, the page scrolling is a bit jerky sometimes.  If you use the Android Market often, the Optimus 2X offers a built-in application that shows 10 most popular applications for a given week. The F-Secure application allows you to remotely erase data on your smartphone, while protecting it against viruses.

Battery life

Unfortunately, the Optimus 2X lasts for no more than a day. Avid multimedia lovers will need to charge their device almost daily, however to add a few more hours, it is recommended that you decrease the screen brightness and disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections when they are not needed.


The Optimus 2X is among the first Android Phone to carry a dual-core processor. Although the speed difference is not felt at the beginning, it is quite obvious when loading applications and navigating menus. 3D gaming and multitasking management are also better than typical single-core Android devices. Web access is very comfortable with the Chrome Lite browser and fast 3G connections. Again, the main disappointment is the short battery life.

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