The Future Of Data: How Can Moving To The Cloud Help Your Business?


There has been much in the news lately about the growing Cloud computing industry. In fact, cloud computing offers businesses a unique new way to deal with the trials and tribulations related to growing a small start-up into a large scale operation. Here are some of the ways the cloud can help your business:

Cost Savings

Maintaining a network requires an investment on the business’s part to acquire appropriate hardware, plus having the space available to store and maintain the equipment. This also includes a need for a dedicated IT team who will handle all of your business’s technical maintenance. By moving your company’s network to the cloud, you allow a third party to absorb the costs of maintenance and space, reduce your own footprint and reduce costs internally.

The Future Of Data: How Can Moving To The Cloud Help Your Business?


Since the cloud is a shared network that handles potentially hundreds of clients out of a single location, there are plenty of resources to take advantage of. In the past, expanding your network required further investment upfront to add equipment and serviceability. By having a company such as Cologix handle the physical aspects of the network, your company will be able to grow without limits. Plus you only pay for the resources you are actually using at any given time. This can also mean a cost savings to you when your company is experiencing a slow period and is not utilizing a ton of network resources.


One of the biggest assets of using cloud computing is the fact that the resources are continually being reallocated to where they are needed most. This means that companies who are networking between multiple time zones or different countries have the ability to use one single set of servers and equipment, but provide access to one part of the world during local business hours, and then use those same resources to provide service to their counterpart on the other side of the world during their typical business day. This cuts the cost of networking equipment drastically, and means that the equipment that is being use has higher overall utility and less down time.

The cloud is a next generation solution that allows businesses increased flexibility to expand and take advantage of shared resources while reducing their operating costs in the short term. Cloud computing companies are expanding their facilities and offering more networking services that help overcome some of the biggest growth hurdles to small businesses.

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