Top 5 Fashion Apps For 2016


The fusion of fashion and technology has made it much easier for those interested in looking stylish in current trends much easier. It is now possible to shop online for clothes and accessories from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, the introduction of mobile applications specifically dedicated to fashion, has made finding outfits that meet your personal style at your fingertips guaranteeing a stylish look at all times. Some of the popular apps that you need to download in readiness for 2016 include:

Top 5 Fashion Apps For 2016


Polyvore is a style inspiration app that can help you find something to wear when everything in your wardrobe looks boring. Users of the fashion app can create collages of stylish outfits by mixing clothes that they like and then matching them as desired. It is possible to use the shopping section of the app to look through various outfits according to retail store, color, brand, size and product style among others. In addition, Polyvore app users are also allowed to explore collages that others have created.


Stylebook is as real as it gets when it comes to fashion apps as it helps users make decisions about their style using their actual clothes. All you need to do is upload photos of the clothes in your wardrobe, then use the app to organize as well as style them. Apart from assisting you in creating as well as planning outfits, the fashion app can also be used to keep a record of clothes previously worn.

Keep Shopping

Keep Shopping is a virtual shopping cart that allows users to shop for outfits as well as accessories from various online stores. The app is quite popular because shoppers are able to pick up different clothing items and continue to shop without having to worry about carrying shopping bags. If you love shopping and checking out the latest fashion trends, then the daily sales alerts on the app will help you get the latest information on fashion.


Stylekick is an app that acts as a personal shopper that allows you to select outfits from an inspiration feed displaying various style photos. The outfits suggested on one’s style feed are based on personal interests as well as style. For men, uploading photos of your style as well mens hairstyles that fascinate you results in feedback from other app users, which allows you to improve your appearance as a whole.

The Hunt

It is common to see pictures of outfits you like online and want to buy them for yourself at local stores but finding the exact one is usually the challenge. Fortunately, The Hunt app makes things easy for you, by allowing users to help each other in such situations. Users of the app can post shopping links to stores where the outfits are sold or even post shopping alternatives where possible. Also, if you are always looking for the latest products or hunts, then this app is for you.

In general, these fashion apps are a “must have” for fashion enthusiasts that want to remain trendy in 2016.

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