Top Android Apps For Skiers And Snowboarders


Getting out on to the slopes is an exhilarating experience – a great opportunity to visit some stunning scenery and exercise with friends.

The key to a great day on the white stuff is being able to navigate your way through the hills and to locate the finest runs which are suited to your level of skiing or snowboarding. Here, we look at some great apps for Android phones which will allow you to keep up to date with what’s going on where you are and identify which runs are the most attractive options on your day out in the snow.

Alpine Replay Ski and Snowboard App
This is a serious application which leaves nothing to be desired. The app is designed to give skiers and snowboarders alike the opportunity to track their day’s activity, detailing just about everything, from your distance travelled to your total airtime.

The app’s interface is designed very cleverly, including over-sized on screen buttons which allow you to use the app without removing your gloves! The added brilliance features a social aspect which allows users to compete with friends throughout their day on the snow. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Ski and Snow Report
This app is a must-have staple for anyone who takes their time on the snow seriously. It provides the user with up to date information on runs in your area and even has an integrated web cam facility which allows you to check out the state of the slopes for yourself. Snow conditions are available for a vast number of resorts, with the current total sitting at above 2,000. The app saves a great deal of time, allowing users to view an accurate summary of the day’s snow before heading out onto the piste.

GPS Ski Maps
This is the ultimate mapping app for Android. Not only does the app allow users to view detailed maps of runs in the area but it also includes a facility which locates restaurants, ski shops and accommodation in the area. Particularly for skiers checking out new regions, this can be a life saving tool which gives a priceless boost to your ability to plan your day out in the snow.

Sports Tracker
Here we have an app which is designed to log and detail your performance on the slopes. Although this one isn’t designed exclusively for snow sports, it works perfectly for skiers, providing accurate information on average speeds and distance travelled. This is a particularly great app for competitive skiers who are keen to out-do their previous runs.

This app won’t allow you to locate new runs, nor will it log your times or distances – but it will keep you entertained as you find your way to your next ski spot. This is a challenging ski game which encourages users to navigate their way down tricky runs whilst performing tricks to earn points.

iTrail Map
This app offers a great way for users to navigate the slopes in their area. What is particularly great about this app is that users can download maps and can therefore access detailed plans for their area without requiring a network connection. When you’re going off-piste, skiers can run into problems with networks or can see extortionate prices rack up on their bill. This app gives users a great way to sidestep this issue.

Doug Fisher has worked as a ski instructor across the Alps for twelve years, he now blogs on ski technology. For more on the topic, visit Mad Dog Ski-you source for all ski, skiing, snowboarding information.

This is a guest post by Mad Dog Ski. Click here to take a look at their Easter ski deals and other ski information.

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