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Primary Job Responsibilities of an In-House Within Business Social Media Team


Social media has become an integral part of the online marketing campaigns. No online campaign is complete without considering social media. This is the main reason why most of the businesses are looking to hire social media professionals as a part of their business, or those businesses, which don’t have access to professionals, are looking to build teams.

After taking website link building professionals on the payroll, now businesses want to capture the social media effectively, and want to develop teams, rather than outsourcing the process to some third party. The objectives or the advantages offered by a social media team inside business would be:

  • Help build the business
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer base
  • An edge over competitors

The lines below give the major duties of a social media marketing firm, which can be inculcated in the social media marketing team inside the business.

1. Listen and Respond:

The primary duty of a social media team is to respond to all the discussions and happenings pertaining to the business. The team should be agile and vigilant about the discussions that take place regarding the business or its offerings and then respond to them accordingly.

2. Content Creation:

The other responsibility of a social media team is to create fresh content that entertains the target audience. The content created keeps the social profile fresh, alongside minimizing the impact of any negative content pertaining to the brand. The team can:

  • Retweet and Tweet fresh content pertaining to business on regular basis.
  • Share fresh content on Facebook page for the audience.
  • Build connections with other businesses on LinkedIn.

3. Metrics Tracking:

The social media team should be an expert on tracking metrics. All the members of the team should know about implementing and analyzing traffic metrics. They should be able to analyze different channels from where the website receives traffic, along with utilization of different tools like Google Analytics.

4. Keeping an Eye on Competition:

By keeping an eye on what competitors are doing, a social media can learn a great deal. The team can analyze the strategy of competitors, and provide the audience with stuff on which the competitors lag, whereas, improving on stuff which gives the competitor the edge.

5. Engagement Rules Establishment:

In social media, a business needs to be very cautious in its proceedings. Therefore, it’s the duty of social media marketing firm team to develop a set of rules for engagement, like, what needs to be said on the behalf of business and under what conditions, such rules that make and enhance a positive image of the business on social media forefront.


In short, having a competent social media team, can give countless benefits to a business, it is all a matter of social media team realizing their responsibilities, and working for the objectives of business devotedly.

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