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If you are reading this review, chances are that you already know what Blogabet is. In short, Blogabet is the No.1 social networking platform exclusively for sports bettors and investors all around the world. With more than a 100 thousand members and about 12.50 million picks, blogabet is the world best platform for tipsters, traders and investors.

One of the important aspects of Blogabet is to find and compare the best tipsters who share their knowledge and help you win consistently. As one of the best tipsters of this platform betvijay has garnered quite a reputation. In this review, we will see what he is up to.

Betvijay: Blogabet Tipster

As soon as I was on his profile, the first thing that I noticed is that he is pretty consistent with his tips on cricket. With a span of about 14 months, he has given more than 1300 paid picks and has an astonishing profit yield of 12% and profit of 1640 units. Moreover, if we filter the Blogabet-users on the basis of minimum 1000 picks, then his profit yield makes him stand at the 3rd spot and his total profit points brings him to an esteemed 6th spot among millions of members who wants to be a tipster in blogabet.

As a matter of fact, in these 14 months, betvijay only had a single month with a negative outcome and the remaining 13 were all full of profits and he is the fastest to achieve 500, 1000 and 1500 units profit. I guess I am not wrong to say that this guy is simply the best tipster on Blogabet currently.

Odds and Bet Types

When I went through his pick archive on Blogabet, I came to know that he prefers the flat staking betting style. Needless to say, he is pretty comfortable with this style and has provided substantial results with it. If you ask me, flat staking is a smooth and safe betting style which enables you to minimize a losing runs length. Moreover, you can also have some money left on the table with this style. I am pretty sure that his clients have made some great profits with his bets and stratergies.


Betvijay only provides Pre match betfair, Asians and bet365 cricket bets. He believes that his in-depth knowledge and analysing abilities allow him to make consistent profits which can be easily seen in his records. Moreover, there are no problems related to the limits when it comes to cricket bets. As a matter of fact, cricket actually has the maximum amount of trading volumes on Betfair. 90% of his picks are from Asians and betfair and the remaining 10% are of bet365.

Why choose betvijay?


If his stats are not enough, let me give you some examples of the expertise of this tipster. The recently concluded 20-20 World Cup was won by Westindies. Betvijay accurately predicted this with the odds of 11. And not just this, he also predicted that England will reach the final of that tournament with odds of 10 and they did. And holy shit, he was again spot on with Westindies women winning Women’s 20-20 World Cup at odds of 15.

If you know anything about sports betting then you will understand that these were huge odds to win with and he got an amazing talent to predict and win such big odds so consistently. Another great thing that I liked about him is the fact that each of his picks come with detailed analysis and proper reasoning. He gives adequate insights and logical facts to each of his predictions

Apart from these, He assures atleast 20 units of profit every month and if he fails to do so, he offers you with a free month of service. On negative side, he is not consistent on number of picks per month. Some months he gave less than 30 picks, some months he gave more than 100 picks. He should change it and stick to a strict figure. In addition, he opens subscription, only for first few days of every month. If you missed it, then you should wait for the next month. But overall betvijay stands tall in blogabet.

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