Communication technology has gained a great a scope in the current scenario. A wide variety of mobile companies are introducing new cellular phones with every passing day. The new style mobile phones with fresh appearances are introduced in the market to make the users feel sense of innovation in using the mobile phones.

Verizon-SMT5800 is a Windows mobile phone with a stylish and broad appearance. This is a user friendly mobile phone and can be used by users belonging to all age groups. Verizon-SMT5800 is a complete cellular phone with a wide variety of features and specifications.

Pros of Verizon-SMT5800:

Different users have different experiences about using the Verizon-SMT5800. The experiences and reviews are explained on the basis of the following features.

    Appearance of Verizon-SMT5800:
  • Color: this mobile phone is present in bright charcoal color.
  • 2 keypads can be seen on it. The one at the front side is for number dialing and the other, flat one inside is meant for quick texting and emailing
  • Verizon-SMT5800 is a very handy mobile phone that is exactly the size of the palm and gets easily placed up into the pocket
    Features of Verizon-SMT5800:
  • Verizon-SMT5800 is a Windows mobile phone. The use and installation of various software is possible in the Verizon-SMT5800.
  • Switching between various programs is speedy and fast in the Verizon-SMT5800.
  • Video and Photo camera both are present.
  • It has an organizer.
  • This cell phone has Bluetooth feature in it.
  • This phone supports has SD card slot and can support memory up to 8 GB.

Cons of Verizon-SMT5800:

  1. Verizon-SMT5800 is a mobile phone with a very low battery life.
  2. The media player present in this mobile is not enough to be used at parties.
  3. The speaker phone possessed by Verizon-SMT5800 is below the average level speaker phones compared to other Windows mobile phones.
  4. This mobile phone has Bluetooth but it does not support Wi-Fi connections.
  5. The camera results are not well enough with respect to both the videos and pictures at all.
  6. The Verizon-SMT5800 is not suitable for professional use.
  7. The front keys are quite small to be pressed quickly. Professionals find it difficult to type the numbers quickly and dial their desired numbers.
  8. Small sized memory is a great drawback that usually deducts the points from the phone.
  9. There is no such special or distinctive feature in Verizon-SMT5800 which might distinguish the phone from its challenger cell phones in the market.


Verizon-SMT5800 is a smartphone loaded with Windows mobile. Users are usually attracted to it due to the feature of two sided keypads. The appearance is normal and does not have any special attraction in it. The CPU and memory is fast enough in the Verizon-SMT5800 and is a positive feature belonging to this cell phone. All those with a quick processor requirement can easily satisfy themselves from the use of Verizon-SMT5800 the phone. Verizon-SMT5800 is a Windows mobile phone created by Verizon mobile company but the call quality is not adequate.

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