How To Use A Cell Phone As A Modem


Mobile phones can be used as wireless modems. All you need to do is connect the mobile phone to the computer and voila it has the capability to act as the modem. The advantage is easy access to the internet without having to look for wifi. After 3G have been introduced to the market the speed has increased significantly. You can now enjoy broadband speeds ranging from 144Kbps to 2 Mbps per second.

How To Use Cell Phone As Modem For Wireless Internet?

 You need the following to access internet service thru your mobile phone:

  • Mobile phone must be equipped with data cable or Bluetooth
  • Mobile phone user must be a subscriber to the provider’s data service
  • PC card modem is needed for the laptop if mobile phone is not modem capable

The good thing is, almost all data providers sell wireless modem capable mobile phones.


Phone as modem rates: $60 to $80 per month, with existing voice plan has lower monthly rates. Below are some tips worth remembering if you have any plans of choosing AT&T and how you can use your device as a modem for internet connection.

  • AT&T mobile phone that is wireless modem capable
  • Choose an AT&T data connect subscription plan
  • Install the AT&T communication manager software. This software will allow the user when the laptop will connect to the network
  • Check manual for users to find out how to use with other devices
  • Select Connect on the interface to connect to the wireless network

Verizon Wireless

 Verizon Wireless phone as modem rate: standard phone $60 per month, $30 for PDA phones.

With access to Broadband Access Connect standard phones, you would need a USB cable to connect the phone to the laptop to allow you to use smart phones and BlackBerry smartphones as wireless modem. No need to buy extra PC card. Below are easy to follow steps on how you can use your device as a modem for connecting to the internet.

  • VZAccess Manager software is installed on the Verizon phones; handsets without this application can be downloaded. Standard mobile phones need to purchase the $40 Mobile Office Kit with usb cable and pc software to use as phone modems.
  • Install VZAccess Manager software to laptop
  • VZAccess should be connected physically to the laptop with the usb cable. Wait for application to recognize the phone, after identification the phone will function as a wireless modem

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