Portable Solar Powered Sound System for iPhone from Eton


Portable Speaker System for iPhone from Eton

This iPod radio is powered by Sun and is compact and convenient to carry anywhere on the go. It has a rechargeable battery system, with separate line for audio, speakers with bass effect and a chord for connection to power.


The entire unit is strong and rocking and is capable of producing good quality sound and extended battery life via rechargeable option. It has lot of practical usage. The unit charges your iPhone also by solar power.


The clarity of the sound breaks when kept at high pitch. Normally it consumes a lengthy time for getting charged, which in turn eats our patience. Sometimes, it gets overheated if you leave it for charging in good sunlight. This unit is priced below 200 dollars ($199).

The Eton is a popular company which makes radio of different wavelengths. At present they have launched a radio in your iPod. You should have enough patience to capture the solar power from the Sun and Eton has succeeded in capturing the solar power by its new model iPhone – Soulra. It can be carried easily and has battery which is chargeable either by Sun or by current.

The huge five inches squared solar panel which is found on Soulra is capable of charging both ways. It can be practically very useful while you travel. This unit can charge all your iPhones and we did not risk ourselves by testing them.

It takes a lengthy period to charge itself from zero charge. Approximately it takes four hours time for charging from current and ten hours duration for free charging from solar energy. Anyway, the unit is worth when fully charged, since the battery runs for about eight hours which is of course a real time. You can charge it from current fully and can sustain its battery by added charging from the Sun.

It consists of in built speakers which is capable of producing 11 watts sound frequency in its full capacity. In case if you turn the power on to maximum volume, then the quality of the sound becomes unclear which cannot be expected paying this much price for it. But the thing is good if kept at average sound and you can conveniently distract the passersby when you are enjoying music from Soulra.

When comparing its price with other models, you can buy Bose if you can afford more $100 for hearing good music. But this unit is helpful to you when you are traveling out or moving around and again if you are not nearer to any visible AC supply for charging. You can enjoy music without power non-stop for over 7 hours.

But one drawback of this iPod radio is it gets overheated when kept for charging in sunlight.


You can enjoy music while on the go using this iPod radio from Eton and its added plus point is chargeable battery. If you are daily moving far off distance from current supply this would be a great choice for enjoying music.

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