Create Your Own Game App With GameSalad


Create Your Own Game App With GameSaladPlaying video games is one of the top reasons why many consumers buy mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets. For the past years, there have been already thousands of game apps that were developed which are compatible with different operating systems such as Android, Blackberry and iPhone. There may be a lot of options when it comes to the games that can suit your taste and preference. However, there are still times that you try to imagine playing a game that is based on your creativity. Before, that can only remain as an imagination. But now, you can actually make your own game app. How has this become possible? Well, let us just thank the creator of GameSalad which allows anyone to create their own unique game apps.

What is GameSalad?

GameSalad is like a program that allows anyone to create a game app even without the skills needed for programming. Yes, you read it right. Even if you are clueless about how game apps are developed, you can still create your own using the program. You don’t have to be knowledgeable about codes and coding. With the program, you can develop a game app using Mac or Windows. Then, you can publish it on Android, HTML5 and iOS. In case you need help, you have an entire gaming community to assist you. This makes game app creation more fun and interesting. According to a research, 60 out of the top 100 game apps at the App Store in the US are produced using GameSalad. It even includes a number 1 hit. Who knows you might be the next one to create the next game app hit? Well, you can find that out by trying the program.

How much does it Cost?

You may be surprised to know that it is actually for free. The creator, the Android and iOS viewer, and the iOS publishing are all for free! With these, you can really start creating your own game app without the need to shell out money. It may even become the source of your fortune. But of course, the free version has limitations. There are many things that you cannot do as compared to when you a better version. So, if you want to go pro you have to pay a fee of $299.00 a year. By subscribing to this version, you can enjoy a handful of additional features. You can optimize features such as iAds, external links, Game Center, Twitter TweetSheet, and in-app purchases.  Not only that, you are also allowed to publish to Windows 8 and Android. With the Twitter TweetSheet, you can share your game within the app and tweet about it. For students, they can have a better deal by visiting There they can get special pricing offers. Educators can also enjoy this offer.

Must Game-savvy Mobile Device users Avail it?

As it seems, the program is a great technology. Definitely, mobile device users who are also game-savvy must try to use the program. They can start with the free version. If they think it gives them a worthwhile experience and if they think it can help them financially, they can upgrade to the better version which only cost a few dollars for a whole year already. If they want to be serious with it in earning money from game app creation, they better optimize the features of the Pro version. For example, they can utilize the iAds and Twitter TweetSheet to popularize their own game apps. With these capabilities of the program and the possibilities and opportunities it can create, it is a must-try and must-have for 2013.

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