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A recognizable logo is key to creating a brand’s reputation. Virtually every major corporation has an easily identifiable logo that consumers come to associate with the company in question. From Target’s bull’s-eye to Starbucks’ green and white siren, logos are a significant part of a marketing strategy that seeks to leave a lasting impression among consumers.

Of course, a logo isn’t the only way to appeal to the correct audience, but it’s the first thing consumers notice about your brand and is therefore crucial to making the right impression. So how do you create and leverage a unique logo for your business that will resonate with your intended customer base? Read on for some tips on using a logo to your company’s advantage in a saturated marketplace.


Strategic Logo Design

Your first task is to design a logo that customers will remember and come to associate with your business. Consider what type of message you’re trying to get across regarding your brand. Is yours a hip, fun brand appealing to a younger audience? Perhaps bright colors and a funky font are in order. A more straight-laced company in a traditional field like finance, however, might benefit from traditional fonts and neutral colors.

Take into account your target demographic and what services or goods your company provides; a car repair business shouldn’t have a dog or a kite in its logo. If you have an existing slogan, try to figure out a way to incorporate that into your logo, as well.

Care and Feeding of your Logo

Now that you have a fabulously unique and memorable logo, it’s time to figure out how best to use it. This involves doing some serious thinking about exactly to whom you wish to market your products. You must do the hard work of figuring out where exactly to make use of your logo, whether that’s online, in print, on television—or someplace completely new and different. Your logo should be part of an overall marketing strategy that leaves your consumers feeling like they’re part of a unique and exciting community by patronizing your business.

Make it your Own

Now that you’ve figured out where to place your logo in front of potential customers, it’s time to start incorporating it into your company culture, as well. Print business cards with your chosen design, have employees include it as part of their email signatures and make sure it appears at the top of each and every page on your company website. A few company T-shirts and baseball caps never hurt, either. These seemingly minimal steps can help you get your logo out there without a great deal of extra effort.

With time and persistence, you can grow your customer base through the strategic use of your logo; customers will come to associate said logo with your brand in the same way you might see that bull’s-eye and think immediately of your favorite mass retailer. A creatively designed logo can be a crucial part of crafting a distinct and unique customer experience—which will ultimately lead to better returns on your company’s bottom line.

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