A Review: Tiny Wings on Iphone


A Review Tiny Wings on Iphone

For players who want a total win that spells both fun and adorable, Tiny Wings could be exactly one of the newest addictive gaming applications they’re looking for. Released only last February 2011 at a very affordable rate of $0.99, one-man developer Andrea Illiger has definitely brought on to the table, a game that’s bound to welcome you into a world of endless plat forming. Its latest 11.6 MB 1.1.0 version, one updated roughly a month after its release, has already been iOS 4 tested and approved and is ready for use in the latest iPod touch 4G as well.

The game mostly involves the basic elements of spend and momentum. The player gets to control a bird that is still flightless as it still doesn’t know how to use its wings properly on its own; the player’s main goal being to keep that little bird airborne for as long as possible before the sun sets, collecting as many coins as he can while he’s at it. The coins give various points, and some even give some bonus ones, like the speed coins that can launch the little bird even higher and further out. Being able to keep up the momentum through doing clean launches and for launching as high as the in-game sky, also grants the player additional points. Also, the player’s points are doubled if they’re able to make a combo of clean launches. If the player practices the game by repeatedly playing it and completing the various objectives set, he may be able to unlock new nests which, in turn, give the player a headstart score multiplier the next time he plays the game.

Aside from the game itself being simple yet fun, the graphics itself is adorable and very pleasing to the eyes. The music is well-fitting for the game’s theme as a whole and adds vibrancy to it. It’s like looking at pages off a virtual storybook, with additional animation and sound effects which add color to the character of the Tiny Wings’ protagonist, making him all cute, cuddly and adorable—a character most children and some adults are sure to love.

Like most simple games, however, the only seemingly major drawback for most is the absence of leaderboards. For this application, only OpenFeint is available and its Game Center support is still to be launched. More levels and gaming modes would also definitely help make this already fun application even better.

Tiny Wings is very much a little fun play inside one neat package. It may come off as incredibly easy, but just like a number of the best iPhone games on the App Store like Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds, once you get hooked to it, you may become one of the many players that have already made gaming applications like this very playable yet highly addictive simple pleasure skyrocketing up the charts. While there’s plenty of room for improvement, a few more updates to go, this little game could next big hit; definitely worth the $0.99.

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