AmbiSciPRS Application Review


AmbiSciPRS Application Review

In this time and age of high technology, it isn’t surprising anymore for new advancements and enhancements to sprout out every year, or even in every few months. One of the trends right now is the use of iPhones. A phone which does not only function as a tool for communication, but for enjoyment and convenience as well through the various applications installed in it. In an iPhone you can enjoy games and pop-ups, blogging and social networking, and even productivity and health benefits.

This year, 2011, one of the new health apps that have been introduced is the AmbiSci PRS application. What is an AmbiSciPRS? An AmbiSciPRS is an application which makes use of binaural beats, also known as binaural tones, to trigger the brainwaves so as to produce various health benefits for the body like relaxation, alertness, enhance concentration, and stress and pain relief.

The binaural beats or tones being used in AmbiSciPRS are actually responses from the auditory brainstem. As these tones arise they trigger certain physical stimulus as such producing the health benefits AmbiSciPRS application users enjoy. These binaural beats are also that which is being used in meditation CDs being sold in the market.

To make use of the AmbiSciPRS application, you must first listen to the binaural beats through your headphones. One tone would be produced from the left earphone, and another one would be emited from the right. These tones would mix together inside your head and create certain special pulses. These special pulses would stimulate you to become relaxed, to be more focused and alert, to feel relief from any stress or pain you’re experiencing, and even to make you to fall asleep.

The AmbiSciPRS application is truly a good health application. Many users of the application say that by using AmbiSciPRS, listening to the binaural tones, one can get a more positive and happier outlook in only 15 minutes. This has also been proven to be helpful for passengers who are afraid of taking long airplane flights, as it eases nervousness and allows them to sleep well during the plane journey. It is nice to note that findings reveal that falling asleep using the AmbiSciPRS application takes only more or less 30 minutes.

The AmbiSciPRS application still needs to be evaluated in certain aspects however. The effects of using it in a daily and long term basis are yet to be known. Will it create health dependency? Will it affect the auditory brainstem in a negative way later on? Will its health benefits be useful for everyone or only for certain groups? There are still many questions that are yet to be raised and yet to be answered as this application is still fresh and new.

Many have considered the AmbiSciPRS application one of the top iPhone health applications for the first half of 2011. This result isn’t surprising as the application is really helpful, fun, and even providing health benefits without the need for one to do some physical activities. Furthermore, as it is now, it would be exciting to see what improvements the makers of the application could make to raise the AmbiSciPRS application up a notch.

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