5 Top Applications to Browse & Watch YouTube Stuff


YouTube has indeed turned into a phenomenon like no other on the internet and we have seen this Google owned service becoming the most popular web service in the Web domain. Watching videos is not the only thing you can do rather YouTube bandwagon is pretty versatile where the users can do loads of cool things.

But in a nutshell, YouTube is all about watching exciting videos ranging from miniclips to latest music videos to 3D videos even. With the expansion of YouTube, certain remarkable YouTube services also came into being that turned online watching video experience into a different kind of domain. Some of these top web services are:


Well, this application is a kind of a full fledge media player for YouTube service. This online application allows users to get their displayed search results on YouTube in a neat arrangement with rows of thumbnails. By just adjusting the slider, view can be changed. The video options can be popped up if you hover the mouse cursor over the video. Features like create, saving and even sharing your selected YouTube videos on the social networking platforms are enabled.

For me the most amazing thing is that you can download very high quality videos in multitude of formats but there is a limit on the videos that users can download in a day. This amazing web application has two versions; a paid version and a dedicated version.

YouTube Instant

This application makes YouTube to go real-time with lots of instant videos. You just need to type in a keyword (it can even be a single alphabet) and the application gets the most popular and amazing videos arranged as per their query. The next 5 videos as per the popularity index automatically get arranged on the right pane of the application. The user can use arrows key to quickly go to the very next video that is displayed on the right side.


This is a pretty amazing application that provides users with a distraction and hassle free YouTube experience. The little bookmarklet is all one needs for this amazing video archive and ViewPure as the name suggests gives us a pure and a seamless YouTube experience. The best thing about this application is that you get to watch the YouTube videos without all the messy texts and comments. The ViewPure web based service also allows users to share shortened URLs of YouTube.


One of the shortcomings of YouTube video site is that it does not allow users the important option of arranging or searching videos by the date of their upload or download. So Dipity is a complete mash up that simply allows this arranging by date of the videos. The user can watch the amazing YouTube videos in a chronological order according to a specific timeline. It is a great help for watching the sporting events and the other news based events according to date wise.


The name very much suggests it all; this service allows you to see YouTube videos as per the geographical locations of the viewers; means it is a simple way of viewing the most watched YouTube videos county wise. The user just needs to click on the icons on a large blown up Map of the world where pop-up depicting the number of views of a particular queried video balloons. Moreover, the user can also view the picks of the month or the day or even all-time favorites by just viewing the Map.

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