Panasonic Toughbook C1


Panasonic Toughbook C1

There is no doubt that Panasonic Toughbook C1 is a tablet PC which has a strong system and even can withstand impacts like short falls, etc. Moreover the structure can handle huge amounts of pressures and fluid spills on its keyboards plus a few more. It is more suited for small companies and is very pricey almost above $2000. Yet this tablet has made its way to top ten tablets in the markets.

Bearing a tough structure it is more durable and also possesses qualities and features of a laptop. Despite the rugged body it is very user friendly and easy to use. Keyboard is resistant to spills so it can handle small coffee spills. There is also a 3 hinge system; two are there for opening the screen just like that of a laptop while one is to spin it around, thus becoming a tablet. The touch sensitive screen is very responsive and to navigate using the touch has never been easier. Panasonic also promised a multi touch screen. With this users can even use the touch with their gloves on that is especially handy for construction workers.

The Toughbook adapts the most inventive design so far and that is not just due to its hard casing but its appearance is also futuristic. The casing is made from a magnesium alloy and can withstand a few 100 pounds of pressure and small falls. Despite that, the whole contraption just weighs around 3.2 pounds and its dimensions are 11.8 inch wide screen which is 8.9 inches deep too plus and a slim and high 1.2 inch if the screen is to be closed. WXGA LED is used on the 12.1 inch display having 1280 by 800 pixels resolution and also anti-glare which is often wanted by all computer users.

Other than the useful body Toughbook C1 has many regular features that are easily found in similar tabs. It includes an Intel i5 processor of 2.4 GHz at its core and a 2 GB DDR3 SDRAM which can be upgraded to 6 GB. Windows 7 is preinstalled however other windows are also supported and a few other OS too. The 250 GB storing capacity, and an optional DVD/CD writer/reader add more to its value. Input and Output ports, protected under a small and removable plastic cover. Also the system includes USB and Ethernet, VGA, an Express Card PC Slot, memory card reader and finally the audio jacks. Wireless capabilities include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, plus an elective Gobi mobile broadband and a modem is also included just in case Wi-Fi or broadband are not available.

With a built in microphone and an elective built in camera that can be used for video chatting and conferences, the battery also lasts up to five hours of use. That is where its double battery option increases the battery span. So with a 3 year warranty C1, despite having a high price, is durable and provides its users other impressive features like wi-fi and Bluetooth or double battery. In short, this tab PC is worth every single penny spent on it.

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