Sony USB Memory Card Reader & Writer MRW68E


Sony USB Memory Card Reader & Writer MRW68E

This tiny and mobile memory reader is smaller than the other readers available in the market and this is what makes it special. The device has taken the regular rectangular shape and its outer body is made from fine plastic and one can feel that by sliding his or her finger on the surface of the USB. Despite being smooth its casing is tough and can resist a few impacts such as falling to the ground, etc. Adding to its beauty and style is the fact that its whole plastic casing is black in color and in light somewhat gives a shine so it looks neat.

Taking the fact that the whole thing does not take much effort of cost a fortune in mind, it is more likely to be suitable for an average PC user. Other than those built in, card readers like Sony’s MRW698E, are more friendly to use because there is an ease of inserting the memory card into it, that is to say that it is more easy to put the card in the rear of the USB rather than opening the small hatch in the front and sliding the card to fit in. Furthermore, its design is the once which strengthens its structure and its metal plug is sheltered from twisting or getting damaged by a plastic cap similar to rest of the body.

The device can detect 3 types of cards that are Micro-SD, M2 Micro stick and Micro SDHC. This gives an advantage to the user because instead of using 3 or 2 separate sticks he or she can use this one, not only this saves him the cost of 2-3 readers but also reduces the number of small and portable things he has to look after. Another fact is that doing this will only occupy 1 USB port. However, there is one major draw back about which the user has to be very cautious about. That is the rear end of the USB memory reader does not have a cover and is open for dust to enter which can damage it and also can damage the card it is using.

Despite this flaw after its release the card managed to sell and reached up to best 10 flash card readers available in the market. Though the others cost a bit more than Sony’s version but if this does not suit you needs you can always prefer the one you find best. Still many laptop and some PC users find this USB stick helpful because with USB ports being close to each other, sliding in the card via back rather than side or from above is easy and hassle free.

Whatever may be the reason for one to buy or reject this small memory reader, the features it provides for not so high of a price it is at least to be considered before a purchase. And if you are lured by its design and black color and it meets all your requirements than its worth you money.

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