HTC Surround Cell Phone


HTC Surround cell phone

You know what the say “all depends on sound” .that is exactly what HTC has done with their new HTC surround. The cell comes with immense sound quality that is not found in any other set. You can say the cell is purely made for music. The apparatus has speakers that slides out and gives quite a punch. Even video watching is fun on this set and is very hard to beat the quality that is offered by the set.

The design of the cell is not out of this world but it is ok. The cell phone has 3.8 inch touch screen and the resolution is also best for viewing HD movies on the screen. The phone comes with 480 by 800 P. beside the speakers it is good thing to offer. When talking about the weight of the set. It is not the lightest available in the market. The surround weighs 5.8 ounces. But good thing when inserted into the pocket it is quite comfortable to carry.

Talking battery into account it will be disappointing to know that the cell only has 4 hours talk time. That is too low as it is built for music so it should have enough battery to entertain the crowd. But there is always an option for charger. The user should always hold charger if they want the set alive. There is another option carrying one or two extra batteries will be easy, so it is up to the user. The set has 255 hours standby time and that is a lot. But it will only last if you leave the set alone but that is not users have paid for.

Although the battery is not long lasting but HTC comes with an internal memory of 16GB and that is hell of a space the user can easily stuff 500 plus songs. And even photos also videos can be stored in such amount space. Indeed the main feature that the set offers is superb audio sound blasting from internal speakers. The exciting thing is all it takes one touch and here you go enjoy the fire works of surround. If users are not comfortable with the sound HTC has also solved this problem by equalizer. The user can equalize the sound according to their desire. If you want bass, vocals levels to be adjusted then you can do so.

Aside from this entire fancy tech the phone has 5 Mega pixel cameras which is armed with auto focus plus flash. So capturing images will be fun and easy also. Surround has the capacity of recording high definition videos at 720 pixels. Settings like landscape, portrait plus candlelight will defiantly increase the charm of the set. HTC surround is machine that has best audio if you are searching for a set that has good sound plus great camera quality than the quest is over. HTC is the set for you. Yes, the battery life is not much but lush audio and camera cancels out all weaknesses.

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