Nintendo DSi, Portable Gaming Console


Nintendo DSi, Portable Gaming Console

Nintendo DSi is thought to be the final version of the DS portable gaming series. The company has reached far from GBA to DS and has improved a lot during this path. The Ds offers new media sources compatibility such as SD memory cards and highly enhanced abilities for the use of other media. Having done many improvements to the graphics and video quality and the inclusion of a new and improved microphone tech plus a built in camera makes the Nintendo DSi a dominant case over Nintendo DS Lite version.

A lot has improved especially the speed of the processor has been doubled, if compared to the DS version, to 133 MHz and RAM has been taken up to 16 Mega Bites that is almost 4 times that of the previous. This should increase the speed but with the added abilities the overall system remains the same. No doubt it is better than the former because there is a 256 MB onboard storage capacity which can be extended up to 2 GB via a MicroSD card or any other 32 GB SDHC card. DSi also packs in two 0.3 mp cameras one at the back and the other facing the user. Adding to that there are 11 lens options by which you can take in-game or out of the game images. Such images can also be edited and you can do this using the touch screen and then share your creations among others. However, the most important feature for many users is its wi-fi.

Sound recording quality and microphone controls have also been enhanced. The device also supports external outlets. DSi is more functional and has a good battery life but DSi lite being, well… light; it has a lower battery life. To save battery make sure that the wi-fi is off. The web can be used for downloading games or for browsing via Wi-Fi. WPA and WPA 2 Secure connections can also be set up. Wi-fi also enables the multiplayer support across the world and this in turn improves user’s skills in a specific game. The DSi includes more and better multimedia options than its previous. Web browsing and e-mail, etc transforms this into a portable internet device. Wi-fi also enables it to use optional controllers for wii and the touch screens can also be used as input in some games. Similar can be achieved with microphone commands in other games also.

Tech support is almost always available just a call away and also by Hence, their online repair and chat is also known to be very fast and responsive. The Nintendo DS is one of the major successful lines of portable and mobile video game consoles. DSi make the most of heritage and also gives many new features. So there are some drawbacks for this device too but when compared to PSP, as a gaming console, DSi would nearly win the race because of its better gaming facilities however for the people who are interested in multimedia monsters PSP is probably the right choice.

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