A Review for AireLED Monitor Series by AOC


A Review for AireLED Monitor Series by AOC

Small Review:

It’s a beautiful monitor but I could have used a little more time spent on the imagery.  If you’re looking for a primary monitor, this one may not be for you. I would recommend using it for a backup monitor instead.


If you are trying to find out more information about this particular model, it’s not called the Edge in the states, it’s called the AireLED.

The Add-ons:

  • Monitor sizes that range from 19-23 inches
  • A fast response time
  • A great contrasting ratio
  • Inputs that are compatible with both the VGA and the DVI
  • A retail value of $170 dollars for the 22-inch monitor

The Upside:

  • Super sleek and thin for tight places
  • A nice place to keep chords unseen by having them plugged through the base
  • Easy to read because of such high contrast

The Downside:

  • Can’t see anything very well when screen is tilted
  • Most of the time, it was showing a more blue hue than anything warm
  • A little bit of a frost look to the screen

The Meat and Potatoes Bit:

Make sure you are shooting to use this monitor for smaller purposes. The key word explaining this monitor is “sleekness” and AOC got away with it looking better than I thought. If you want something small and compact but still has a satisfactory quality of picture, then you should look into purchasing this particular model.

As long as you have at least 8 inches of space for the bottom of the monitor or just want to put it on the wall, you’ll have plenty of space for the monitor. It’s really tastefully done and looks simple and clean. It has a really neat feature on the front of the base that allows the lights to configure the screen to light up when just gently pressed on.

If you’re worried about chords showing or if you’re used to having the chords come out the side, this one allows you to plug in all components to the base of the monitor. One of the reasons that it saves a lot of space is because it doesn’t use prongs, but a brick instead as use for power.

It may not seem like its’ made flimsy, but it’s rather disconcerting that the moving middle arm piece seems kind of back and forth. You’re only going to have to deal with it once out of the bunch though because you don’t utilize it too often at all. It will let you move it to customize it to your perspective and you can also hook it up to your walls

The only true software that comes with this monitor is the configuring software, but if you’re not fond of Flash, then you can look elsewhere for configuring your monitor.

For some reason, even though I spent a lot of time trying to get the blue hues out, the coolness won over every time. I think that it lacked a lot of red and yellow coloring. It may be a personal preferential thing to some who might not be bothered about the lighting as much as I was.

Some tilts were better than others when it came to being able to properly view the screen. It seems to change with just the slightest bit of movement on my part or just the screens part. It even gives off a kind of special effect solarizing thing when you look at it just right. It’s a normal problem and I find it quite often, it just seemed like it just wouldn’t go away on this monitor.

I don’t really pay attention too much about the ratio of contrasts in a monitor because they are all pretty much blown out of proportion. You’ll have to do some playing around with the controls and configuration to get it just perfect for yourself. Getting past the coolness aspect, the readability of the screen is phenomenal. It has wonderful contrast.

As with everything out there that has electronic components, this is no different in the others that it has its’ flaws. Some signs of ghost drags and other little things I caught up on, but nothing that would make me raise any flags.

What I Conclude:

As a backup monitor, it gets top ratings in my opinion. I did have a personal problem with the blue hues but other than that the visual aspects of the monitor were good. It bring s a modern look to any room and allows for a lot of space to be saved from overly clunky monitors but shouldn’t be a top monitor for someone looking for visual stability

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