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Advertisement: It is what makes, or breaks, a company in today’s tough times. There is no denying it, with unemployment up and spending down, it’s more important than ever for companies big and small to get their voices heard over the rest. They need to come first to the buyers mind when they are looking to make a purchase.

Today’s Avenues for Advertisement

There are three major avenues for well planned advertisement that will allow your company to really make an impact upon your clientele. They include the Internet, the Radio and the Television. There are great advantages to each and each one offers a different audience. You just need to choose which audience would best fit your business?

Internet Marketing

One of the greatest tools a company can have at its finger tips is being able to reach its audience through the internet. The Internet is now tied into so many aspects of our life and what makes those ties so strong is social networking like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Each has a unique way to reach out to customers and especially with Facebook, it’s easy to target exactly the customers in your area.

Radio Marketing

A unique marketing technique that has been around for some time, do not underestimate the potential for Radio Advertising. What makes Radio Marketing unique is that it is all done through a single sense – hearing. So finding the right words to say or music and audio techniques to use can be challenging, but the challenge is well worth it as you reach a whole new audience through radio advertising.

Television Marketing

Television Maing is the least restrictive advertising available. You have visual aids at your disposal as well as audio and the number of words is also not nearly as limited as with Internet marketing. You can put more information on the screen to be read, or explain it all through voice. Unfortunately, Television Marketing comes with a price tag that also matches its flexibility – BUT once again, reaching the audience proves to be well worth it.

If you feel your company is in need of some advertising, but you don’t have the talent inhouse you can look into a local marketing and media recruitment agencies. They will be able to help you find the best person to meet your marketing needs. If you want to outsource to an agency a good place to start is industry magazines. They have awards that will help you indentify the best agencies.

Patrick Ross is a marketing expert. He has been working with Yellow Cat recruitment for some years helping them develop their marketing strategies and online presence.

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