The $200 Camera That is Small, Compact and Generally Cute


The $200 camera that is small, compact=

Nikon has often produced many impressive models on the camera front, and the Coolpix L12 is no different. Boasting average features such as a 3x optical zoom lens and 7.1 megapixel resolution, and coming in at a reasonable $200, this machine can only be considered cute for a small and compact device. There have been mixed reviews over the speed and quality of the machine, and may be better suited to the average holiday maker than the professional photographer.

With the size being reasonably good for a compact machine, despite being a little on the wide side, you can fully expect to see many useful features being utilized in the decent memory banks of this device. The ability to carry one in your pocket is a decent improvement for the compact machines that are typically associated with Nikon, and the buttons and design of the machine allow for easy handling and control of the functions. This is achieved through a control pad for the menu system, and a slider to choose between the different video or camera modes. The body is lightweight being made of plastic, which allows for a funky sheen across the facing, and this adds to the popularity of the device.

Functions within the menu system are not new on the market, but with the L12, they are incredibly useful for anyone wishing to utilize them. The image stabilization, known as Vibration Reduction operates by incorporating face detection technology and red eye reduction to produce decent quality pictures at a relatively respectable speed. In addition to this, the best shot selector shows off the ingenuity of the device by opting for a multi shot selection and then deleting photos that do not meet the standards of care. This gives you a wonderful photo from many different scene modes, flash options and image viewings.

Of course, the drawback to this is that many of the functions are built in, and as such run automatically, which can be problematic when you want to take different shots and experiment with lighting conditions, shutter speeds or resolution settings. It can also mean that the memory will be filled up relatively quickly too, and somewhat lengthy transfer time rate can prove problematic when you wish to move and upload photos in order to clear the memory.

The speed of this cute little device is not too bad. There are a few issues with the load up times, as it can be as long as 2 or 3 seconds, but on the whole the shots can be relatively quick and simple to take, especially when using the shot selector. As the buttons can be navigated and selected with little difficulty, the price of this machine is seen as an intuitive compact model for many users, especially as a start up device or a run of the mill hobby machine. Taking photos is quick and easy, and the budding photographer can really shine with the camera that comes in well under anyone’s budget.

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