IdeaPad Y560D from Lenova: High Performance and Productivity


Idea Pad Y560D from Lenova High performance and productivity

With an Intel Core Processor (i7) and 15.6 inches screen this Idea Pad is (priced $1,399) excellent in performance and is ideal for watching cinemas, and playing 3D games and hence is the best pick in the market. The case is coloured glossy black and carries a logo of ‘Lenovo’ in a decorated finishing. The outer covering is resistant to fingerprints and it is a bit heavier than other models weighing 6.1 pounds.

Idea Pad has two large mouse buttons and a touch pad that has been somewhat buried in to suit for palm rest. If you start using the keyboard then you would admit how responsive and comfortable the thing is. This model has a SlideNav bar which opens into the features of calculator, sound recorder and a notepad.

By using energy management key you can check the battery power and alter the power accordingly. The left hand side of keyboard contains one power switch for on/off functions and a ‘key’ button for launching recovery programme if needed. The in-built speaker produces good volume of sound.

The LCD screen has high resolution to produce sharper picture with high colours. It is capable of exposing pictures in Three Dimensional view, which is a unique feature of this Y560D model from Lenova. By making use of Polarized glasses this laptop beautifully creates contents of 3D technology.

The Idea pad has one USB port, one DVD drive, and a couple of other ports on its right side.

This laptop can now convert any game from Direct X 9 and give in 3D form. Apart from its usage for playing games, you can use this technology for seeing photos in 3Dimensional mode the effect of which will transform image into a reality.

The glasses meant for watching 3D films or games are convenient and clear. It gives you a caution that seeing movies or any content for lengthy period are harmful to eyes. Hence, please remember this message before planning to play any game or watching a movie in this device.

Pair of USB ports is found on either side of the device in addition to various other sockets for giving external connection. Lenovo does not support Blue ray drive with this model and this is a sad factor in Y560D with regard to its price and numerous other features. It has an in-built camera with 500GB memory for OS application of Windows 7.

On testing for Future mark’s Vantage this model scored very high score in comparison with other models. It also showed high scores on testing for Encoder tests. You can play all the games with great experience in Y560D due to its high FPS score.

But the battery life of this model is weak and is lesser than our expectations. The Idea Pad model of Y560D comes with one year warranty.

Overall, the laptop shows high performance and solid productivity, with added 3D technology to lure the game lovers. The money you invest on this model is worth for its performance and features.

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