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SEO services are a dime a dozen, but the kind of service you get varies widely. Some companies offer everything including all the bells and whistles you can possibly think of, while others are so barebones you could probably do the same things they are providing on your own. So, since you will be paying for these services you have to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

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  1. SEO for Different Platforms : there was a time when search engine optimization was only required for desktop computers. Nowadays your website needs to be optimized for tablets and smartphones as well. In addition your site must be optimized for local searches and help with the implementation of video and image placements.

  2. Keyword research : nowadays it is going to take more than just putting lots of keywords on a page to boost your website’s rank. The company should focus on root keywords yes, but aside from that they must assess user search behavior and help your website use the appropriate phrases, long tail keywords etc. to optimize the results.

  3. Quality Content : content creation is the best SEO strategy, according to most marketers, and rightfully so. While there are a lot of factors that you need to consider, ultimately it comes down to providing the information your target users want. This is where an SEO company can help as they will fortify and update your site’s content. In addition they can also provide assistance when it comes to optimizing conversions, leading to higher rankings, boosting traffic and profitability.

  4. Market Research : your site should provide a vision of your brand, but the content needs to focus on your target market. An SEO company can provide you with the resources to ensure this is indeed the case. If you want to attain or maintain your high traffic, you need to keep your target audience satisfied.

  5. Constant Communication : since you’ll be depending a lot on their service, lines of communication between you and your SEO specialist have to be open at all times. There must be someone on their end who will listen to your suggestions, provide assistance if there are problems and so on.

  6. More Than Just SEO : there was a time when SEO companies provided only that service, but times have changed. If you want maximum value for your money, go with a company that provides additional services such as email marketing, online PR, social media integration and so on. While these services are available elsewhere, it is more practical if the company offers it so you don’t have to look for another one.

  7. Technical Help : your website must be as clean and efficient inside as well as outside. By inside we mean the codes, tags, meta descriptions etc. An SEO company needs to provide help on this matter as well.

So while there is no lacking of companies providing SEO services, they differ when it comes down to the details. Take the time to learn the services they offer and find out if it is what you need.

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