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Reasons To Why Socializing A Brand Is Inevitable Nowadays


So the topic is pretty majestic as nowadays social media platforms are really varied and each and every platform has their different formats and adifferent set of users and each needs a different approach. Before the things are simplified a bit, let’s start with some of the statistics that are related to the Social media active users across the Globe. Almost 3.17 Billion people out of the 7.3 Billion population of the world uses Internet and out of that 3.17 Billion, there are 2.3 Billion active users of Social media across the globe. Do you know on an average a person who uses the internet has 5 active social media accounts and on an average 1 million new mobile users are added to Social media Every Day! Facebook alone has 1.17 Billion users and if we talk about the video marketing, there are around 6 billion videos watched on Snapchat Daily and on Facebook the figure is 8 Billion. So to cut the whole thing short, People nowadays practically lives online and they breathe inside the Virtual World. Now, this thing is recognized by almost all the retailers around the world as 91% of the retailers of the world has at least 2 active Social Media accounts. If the above reasons were not enough for a brand to make them socialize their brand, let’s talk about a few advantages or reasons to why a brand should have at least one active Social media platform:

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1. Connect to the Global Market:

Once you start to socialize the brand online, your customers start connecting to your brand. You start getting noticed by the people and if a customer who is pretty much satisfied with your brand will be able to refer the brand and also send you a response or feedback to your services on these Social Media Platforms. All you need to do is expose these testimonials to the others and you can enjoy the benefit of the positive Word of Mouth. So even if you don’t make many efforts your brand starts getting a recognition due to the efforts you have made offline.

2. Set up a Channel to get Feedback and Communicate to Leads:

Once you set up Social Media base, customers and other potential links to your business like the supplies or the logistics can easily stay connected to you and monitor all the activities as well as the upcoming events. Social media is the best way to market all the sale and schemes that you have planned for the products and also ask for suggestions and feedback for the same. Some platforms like Instagram has features where you can explore the local market and connect to the local customers.

3. Social Media helps you Develop Trust amongst the Customers:

Nowadays people literally refer everything from online platforms, more than 61% people surf from their platforms before making a purchase. So it is inevitable that your name and your brand is available on the search result and that also above the name of your competitors. Thus, if you feed the web with positive content regularly and if you have a support from the customers, you will automatically rank higher in the SERP of all the Search engines. People nowadays trust on the search engines like Google and if your brands organically rank higher in such search engines, people will trust your brand too. So you get a benefit of trust and you might be able to get some very good business online. Also with thehighertrust, you get good Word of Mouth and also have the delight of having Brand Loyal customers.

There are many other reasons of why you should have a social media but it is equally important to understand to choose a right platform for your band. All the service related brands opt for Facebook and it is also very effective if you have an application to market. Twitter is where people use to discuss brands and also use to communicate to the brand. 93% of the twitteratis expect a brand to respond to their query or complaint made on Twitter within an hour. So make sure you research well that which social media platform works the best for your niche and apply a marketing strategy accordingly.

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