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6 Reasons To Choose ExpressionEngine Over WordPress


Does it really dominate its toughest opponent, WordPress, as the heavy-weight champion of the content management system world? In our opinion, the answer is yes. When it comes to the web, ExpressionEngine is the most preferred content management system by the companies of all sizes for 5 major benefits: it is secure, reliable, supportive, easy to use, and most importantly, flexible.

Your website has the power to make or break your business, so you need to be very cautious while choosing the right content management system for your project. Before using any CMS, just think of the benefits your CMS is offering and how it can help you in maintaining your website and popularizing your business online.


6 Reasons To Choose ExpressionEngine Over WordPress

  • Expressionengine Comes With a Simple Users Interface

ExpressionEngine is designed and developed by the American software company called EllisLab and it comes with a really simple user interface when compared to the other content management systems. Its user interface not only helps in simplifying the content creation process and in its proper management but also it eventually leads to the creation of user-friendly websites, which are the driving force behind attracting the business. In other words, simple user interface literally means a very simple user interface that can be used even by a non-technical person.

  • It Provides An Amazing Design Flexibility

ExpressionEngine provides a great flexibility to the web designers at the front-end design of your website. Due to this, all those web designers who have worked with the other content management systems would be able to notice a remarkable flexibility that is provided by ExpressionEngine.

A majority of the content management systems including WordPress require you to work according to a theme, wherein the designers cannot use or create a design they have thought, instead they are forced to work according to the themes available in the chosen content management system. ExpressionEngine in this matter provides the designers with a great flexibility over WordPress of using their own created designs without any intervention or force to use a pre-decided theme.

  • It Has An Easy-To-Use Control Panel

ExpressionEngine has a very simple-to-use control panel when compared to WordPress and due to this, even a non-technical person can easily and quickly update his/her website. Moreover, it provides great flexibility to the content editors in terms of editing a right content at the right place without bothering about harming anything else during the process.

When using ExpressionEngine, you don’t have to be bothered about following any complex or strict instructions while figuring out a piece of content on which you need to make changes.

  • It’s Library Of Free And Paid Extensions Is Constantly Increasing

Another very important advantage of using ExpressionEngine is it’s library that contains both paid and free extensions and modules. Surprisingly, the size of this library is increasing day by day with an addition of new add-ons. With each passing day, you will find new add-ons and modules which you will be easily able to use on your website without any botheration. Moreover, it becomes simply easy for the web designers to accomplish their task when it comes to using for CMS and dealing with spam posts.

  • It Allows Users To Create SEO-Friendly Designs And Content

ExpressionEngine gives a huge flexibility to its users when it comes to creating SEO-friendly designs and content. Due to this, ExpressionEngine increases the visibility of your business online.

  • Security And Reliability

ExpressionEngine has a powerful collection of security features on any CMS on the market, such as Session Management, Secure Form processing, and Captcha. It has built-in spam deterrents which keep your site secure and spam free. The notable feature of ExpressionEngine is that it consists of Blacklist/Whitelist Module, that allows you to specify URLs, IP addresses, and user agents that you want to deny(blacklist) or allow(whitelist) from your site. Another safety feature is that it allows and/or limits multiple users access to certain areas of the site due to which you can avoid unwanted traffic that could slow down or affect your site pages. Whereas in WordPress, there are a lot of plug-ins the developer must constantly check to make sure they are up to date.

Thus, talking about benefits of ExpressionEngine over WordPress, it gets clear why ExpressionEngine takes an edge over WordPress.

Author Bio: Andrew is a tech geek and keeps update on the latest trend in the website and mobile development world. He often shares useful information related to ExpressionEngine, Magento extension and WordPress plugins.

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