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Wix SEO Review: Your Way Around A Fully Functional SEO Friendly Website


People are always searching for information on search engines. Ever wondered how the first few results retrieved against a query beat the millions of similar sites to make to the top ten across the search results? Well, they all use SEO to boost their rankings in the search results. Managing a site’s SEO is one of the most important things to promote it online. A good SEO campaign has the capability to shoot your business to the top of Google pages, which in turn will help you earn a steady stream of organic traffic. Fortunately, creating a website with the Wix website builder allows for customized content, which is beneficial for SEO. Below are some top features of Wix which will help your site’s SEO:

SEO Friendly Editor

Websites created with the Wix editor can be easily customized through unique text explaining your business. This helps Google to know what the site is about and display it in the relevant Google searches.


Tools Provided by Wix

Wix offers a number of tools to improve your SEO. The tools can be managed directly from your website through the dashboard area. Whether you are an SEO professional or a newbie, Wix website builder has everything covered to assist you in managing your site. Some of the popular tools are shared below:

SEO in Editor: This lets you add title, keywords and meta description to every website page.

SEO for Images: Helps you to optimize the image through ALT text in the editor

SEO Wizard: It is a free app that provides a step by step guide to improve your site’s SEO.


The Wix Blog: Wix blog publishes helpful articles regarding website promotion, search engine optimization, and other topics on a regular basis to enhance your knowledge.

Wix App Market: The app market by Wix assists you to enhance your site’s functionality.

Wix Support: The Wix Support team aids you in case you come across any technical issues.

Wix Makes it Easy to Customize Website Text

Wix website comes with pre-written content. The Wix Editor includes dummy text such as “I am a paragraph”. You can replace it with your text including the important keywords to promote it. Do not forget to optimize it for search engines though.

Changing the content and inserting the right keywords in a natural way helps visitors to connect with your site. Some tips to keep in mind while writing content for your website include:

  • Write to the point and include products, services and specialty areas.
  • Do not copy content from other websites. Write your own.
  • Write clear descriptions for images and videos.
  • Add a blog section to continuously update your website.
  • Proofread it before publishing.

Put Page title, keywords and descriptions in Place

The title and descriptions are what people see when they Google. This is the first thing users read about your business. This makes it extremely important for you to add a unique keyword rich title to every web page of your site to connect with both your audience and search engines. To write an SEO ready title and descriptions, go to Home, give the page a name and click SEO. You will be asked to write your title, keywords and descriptions against a page.

Make sure that the title does not exceed 60 characters and includes the business keyword(s). For example, if your site is about bicycles, then a good page title would be “Buy BMX Bicycles Atlanta.” Site description is the summary of that page which appears just under the title tag in Google search results. Keep it under 155 characters and use business keywords naturally. Taking the same example try writing something like “We are Atlanta’s premier bicycle store. We have a large variety of road, mountain and hybrid bicycles.”

Rank in Local Business Directories

For a successful SEO campaign, you need to submit your business to local business directories. Some of the popular directories include Google Listings and Maps, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, YellowPages etc. Wix has a specific app known as Site Booster available in the Wix App market to further promote the visibility of your website.

Fast Indexing

Like other popular web builders, Wix is also known to be indexed by Google in a fairly less time. On average, it takes Google about 1 to 3 months to update its database, but to speed up this process you can directly submit it to Google through Wix sites are also integrated with Google SEO tools such as Webmaster and Analytics to help you monitor site traffic and performance.

Supports Social Media

Bringing quick traffic to your website is possible only through social media marketing. The excellent thing about the Wix builder is that any website you create using a Wix theme has social channels integrated to it. You only need to link social icons to the actual business’ social pages to leverage the benefits of social media.

Use a 301 Redirect

Wix platform also supports redirects which are an important part of any SEO campaign. What if you have an old website that is already ranked, but now you want to replace it with your brand new Wix site? The answer is fairly simple. Just use 301 redirect to redirect it to your brand new Wix site while retaining the SEO rankings.

Check Your Progress with Wix’ SEO Wizard

Wix SEO wizard and monitoring tool provides a step by step guide to improve a site’s SEO. The tool provides recommendations on enhancing a site’s visibility, thus attracts more clients. The wizard works wonderfully well to promote your Wix site in the ocean of 250 million sites.



These are some of the best SEO features which you would enjoy creating a website through the Wix builder. Instead of paying a high cost to custom program your site and then managing its SEO from scratch, opt for Wix website. It will not only cut the cost in half and take less time, but will also optimize your site along the way. To learn more, check out the frequently asked questions about Wix SEO plus updated info about the tools and new features that are available to users. We’re not the only ones who are talking about Wix, check out CMS Critic’s Wix SEO Review to see what they are saying.

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