9 Ways To Save Money On Inkjet Printer Ink


Chances are that you are eager to save money on your inkjet printer ink. The good news is that there are numerous ways of doing this and in this article we will reveal at least nine.

1. What Kind of Ink Do You Buy?
There were days when using refillable ink was fairly risky. The ink was mostly not right for computer printers and caused all kinds of problems. Not anymore. These days refillable ink is very reliable. All you need to do is take careful note of the fact that refillable ink tends to dry very fast.

2. Go for Non-Branded
Branded inks are usually very high quality and this also means a higher price. Why pay more when ordinary non-branded ink will give you almost the same results and also save you a lot of money? Admittedly you will still have to carefully match the ink to your printer but we are talking big savings of up to a staggering 70 percent.

3. It Is Cheaper Buying One Color At A Time
Did you know that it is much cheaper buying one color ink at a time rather than trying to mix all of them together. This will save you a considerable amount of cash.

4. Create a log for print outs
If your office is pretty busy then finding the time to be able to supervise print outs becomes virtually impossible. One thing you can do though is to introduce logs where everybody has to write down the number of print outs they make. This will control the prints and help you keep your printer ink costs under control.

5. Rarely Used Print Out Option Can Help
Virtually all printers have an option for draft printing which tends to economize the ink. There are many printing situations where the draft option will work just fine. Encourage the people you work with to print in the draft mode and you will be amazed at how much printer ink you will ultimately save.

6. Launch a save trees campaign in your organization
It really is very important for each and every one of us to do our small bit in helping to save the environment. Campaigns to save trees by printing less have proved to be very successful. You too can launch one in your organization and you can be sure that it will result in huge savings. Apart from saving paper, the less printouts done the less the ink that will be used.

7. Clean The Printer Cartridge Regularly To Unblock
Inkjet printer cartridges are very sensitive to dust. Quite often this dust blocks the tiny holes that emit the ink causing the ink to come out with more pressure from the remaining holes and also in larger quantities. This will always cause you to use more ink than is necessary apart from interfering with the quality of the printing and forcing you to repeat some. To avoid this simply clean your inkjet printer cartridge regularly.

8. Use Good Quality Paper
Good quality paper will always cause inkjet printers to work better with less wastage meaning that ultimately they will use less ink.

9. Service Your Printer Regularly
Service your printer regularly for more efficiency which also ends up saving lots of ink for you.

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