The Advantages Of A Serviced Office Space


With increased home-based, start-up and mobile businesses becoming more frequent in Australia, a need has developed for unconventional office space.  One solution that has become popular is the virtual serviced office.  When looking for Serviced Offices in Sutherland Shire in particular, you’ll find many to choose from.

Serviced Offices vs. Virtual Offices

Serviced Offices and Virtual Offices both offer the infrastructure for small businesses in an unconventional manner. Costing a fraction of what traditional business settings/services cost.

  •   Serviced Offices-Serviced offices provide a professional office/conference room, set-up IT system, voicemail, receptionist/secretary and access to office equipment. Businesses are provided with a prestigious address to list on business cards and unbranded space that can be presented as their own.  The facilities are stocked and cleaned by others.

Space-sharing results in low costs making it possible for owners of small businesses to    have facilities and services they would otherwise be unable to afford.  A number of serviced   offices also have numerous locations which is ideal for those with mobile businesses who may find themselves in need of office facilities when traveling.

  •   Virtual Offices-A Virtual Office is similar to a Serviced Office except that it provides only the services without the physical space attached.  Less expensive than a serviced office, this option is perfect for those on a tight budget.

Services offered through Virtual Offices include someone to answer your phone in your business name, access to fax services, voicemail with a greeting that can be recorded to your specifications, and automated telephone menu services.

The Best of Both Worlds-The Serviced Virtual Office

Many non-traditional offices provide many options in regards to physical space and virtual services.  This allows small businesses to have access to space and services as needed without a long term lease, which can be tailored to specific needs and upgraded at any time.  For example, a company may offer the following services:

  •  Mailing Address
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Courier Services
  • Virtual Meeting Room
  •  Business Phone Line with voicemail and fax/e-fax
  • Furnished Office/Conference Room

The business has the option of creating a customized package based on the options they require without long-term contracts.  The package can be altered as the business grows and changes.


In unpredictable economic conditions, trends towards increased flexibility in how business is conducted have resulted in more affordable alternatives to traditional office space.  If you live near Sydney or are there on business, you’ll be able to find whatever amenities you need in one of the Serviced Offices in Sutherland Shire.  The variety of choices provides flexibility in selecting facilities and services along with the ability to upgrade if needed.  This gives small businesses a cost-effective option, as charges apply only to what is needed at the time.

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