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Music manager software programs are increasingly getting popular; some of them have a limited set of options but some are real feature rich allowing users to toy around with their music archive having loads of options embedded in them. Music Managers are always very much helpful if you are a music lover and are always eager to get hold of good music.

Jajuk is basically feature-rich and very elegant music Jukebox software that houses and offers a large set of very intuitive features that allow users to organize and streamline their large music collection. The software Jajuk offers a number of tools archives that allow you to generate, arrange playlists and even edit them. Moreover, this amazing software also allows users to manage album covers, streamline all kind of music files, filter all kind of files through artist or album wise or even genre wise. Users can also see user-defined performer information and the performer’s biography and it even allows users to keep up and examine their music collection through statistical collections under one cover.

If you are thinking that Jajuk is purely a music management tool then you are completely wrong because it comes loaded with a minimalist player as well that allows users to listen to their favorite tracks with all the basic playback options built in the player. Moreover, users can also rank songs, put all the favorites in their music collection and classify the music files into varying and different kind of groups. Just like all the other popular music organizing software programs like iTunes or Winamp or Real Player, Jajuk is also having a real-time search tab that allows users to quickly list down all kind of songs from different categories like genre or the artists.

Visual Interface

Now coming over to the visual outlook of the software, Jajuk offers nicely designed interface flaunting and all the main tools on the left sidebar. When users for the first time run this software, they are prompted to select folders where the music is saved and where the complete music archive of users is residing. Just like other music manager tools like iTunes, music files can also be added on later for the inclusion in the music library of the software. The main screen of Jajuk software displays all the queued songs with variant meta info dispersed across different columns. Within the software UI, above the main song list, there is a designated filter pane that is kept very handy to single out all kind of artists, albums, names and genres and loads of other options.

The left side bar on Jajuk’s main user interface window contains different kinds of tools and the features that help you in customizing your music collection; the File Explorer of the software offers a very nice view that can manage all the included files that are present on your music archives. The best part for me, the File explorer also allows the Search and Download of different kinds of Album covers. Now the right-click context menu also provides loads of options that can help you bookmark music tracks, also en-queue the songs info list, plus other basic file streamlining and management options are very much available.

Display Window

Now coming over to the display window of Jajuk, the good thing is that you can view lyrics of all the songs and the current music tracks that you are listening to. Handling the playlists is also very much easy and users can manage all kinds of playlists in the Playlist Window. Users can easily create a new kind of playlist while the Playlist Window also offers a very simple way to edit every existing playlist. If you want more information about any artist, you can click on the information tab in the software’s left sidebar to view the artists Wikipedia information page. Moreover, other multimedia info is also very much provided that gives you a very detailed insight into the information about the artist. The software also records all the varying info regarding the music collection and you can also view the statistics mainly the generic statistic in multiple types of charts. Moreover, users can also display all kind of information based on genres. Some very cool statistics are also shown such as boost in the monthly collection volume, tracks increase and a complete music archive amount on the disk in varying pie charts and separate bars that also allow users to visually analyze their music collection.


Lastly, the application is itself very much customizable along with feature specific trends. Users can also change the look and feel of main interface of the software. The software offers a very long list of eye catching themes and color layouts that can be applied anytime for an ease of customization.

Overall the software is indeed a great music jukebox that encompasses almost all the little tools and features that are very helpful. You can easily manage the huge music collection by employing these cool tools and features. The software requires JRE 1.6 or any higher version to work on your machine. It is available for Mac, Windows, Linux OS platform and other variants. The software can be downloaded from the following link. [ Jajuk]

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