My Favorites App Returns My iPhone Favorites To Me


My Favorites App Returns My iPhone Favorites To MeAlthough the innovative new features of the iOS 4 have been hugely popular, many consumers still deplore the fact that the customizable feature of double tapping the Home button has been supplanted by simply being able to get at multitasking when you do so.  In the earlier IOS 3 individuals were able to tailor what this action brought up according to their needs.  For some it was iPhone Favorites, for other people it was the iPod; Search; or Camera features.  Now you no longer are able to choose, and double tapping Home will only bring up the bar for multitasking; should you wish to get at your phone Favorites you will first need to launch the App and then select Favorites before you are able to access it.  Although Voice control works far better on the iOS 4 on the iPhone 4, the fact that there is only this slow way to reach Favorites is very unfortunate.

This is where My Favorites comes in and solves this specific problem.  It steps up and replaces the missing functionality discussed above, and, because it is an App, you are able to place on the dock for easier access, giving users, once again, 1 tap access to Favorites, regardless of which Home screen they happen to be on.  It is a very easy process to add your favorite contacts to this screen and then pick the default numbers that you wish the application to store and make use of for each.  After this has been accomplished, simply tap your contact and the default number you have selected will be dialled.  Double tapping a contact’s icon will display even more functions, like sending a text message or email to that person, and in this regard it is actually a quicker and better approach than the inbuilt Favorites characteristic allows.

Because the application is iOS 4 aware, it will also support Fast App Switching, and also appear on the multitasking bar exactly where you last left off.  Another pertinent advantage is the fact that it is visual, and so enables you to dial people by means of the picture assigned to them, not by their name.  Although it would still be nice if Apple decides to return customization power to users in terms of the Home button, in the meantime you can curb your frustration regarding this by using this practicable application.

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