Ten Awesome Examples of Online Marketing Success


Will it blend from Blend Tech

Will it Blend is a series of videos in YouTube that features a clever way of proving Blend Tech’s claims for product quality. In the videos, you’ll see interesting characters that will stick to your head. As of December 2012, Blend Tech’s YouTube channels reached more than 200 million views.



What JetBlue did in Twitter, instead of posting special offers and fare discounts, was provide customer service easy and fast. This is the key to boosting customer confidence and building stronger rapport.

Old Spice

Old Spice still uses traditional marketing, e.g. TV ads. Butthey do a good job in taking advantage of Facebook’s Timeline feature as well. They do it through engaging status updates, fully laid-out promotions and custom apps.


For some people, the idea of seeing General Electric in social media is unlikely not to mention that they are killing it in Pinterest.We know that through their charming pin boards such as Badass Machines and Hey Girl, they are definitely winning. For GE, experimentation pays off. A lot.

CREE Lighting

CREE is a company that sells energy-efficient lighting solutions and LEDs to clients in business to business level. Although small, CREE has a strong and consistent voice across the web. Thanks to their well-balanced management of different platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and their internal blogs. This is how they are able to draw participants to their real-world events such as Lighting the Revolution.

Laika Entertainment

Laika Entertainment is a production company responsible for Paranorman. But their savviness is not confined to producing films alone. They proved it with their rather quirky PR move – they sent a coffin, weighing nearly 30 pounds, to Jenny Larson, author of The Bloggess. When the coffin was opened, it revealed a statuette promoting the movie.


Zappos is the touchtone for online customer service. When you buy their products online, you get free shipping and a complete money back guarantee for the whole year. Then you’ll have enough reason to recommend Zappos to your friends. Then your friends will recommend it to their friends. Then it will go viral.


Mint was a start-up company that could have been engulfed by the crowded online market. But they exactly knew how to stand out. They did that through publishing content in high quantity and higher quality. Through catchy info-graphics and helpful blog entries, they were able to get a massive following, which they later sold, for a staggering price of $170 million,to Intuit.


American Express launched Open Forum, a collaborative website where they invite gurus to write what they know about business. As a result, Open Forum turned into a mega-site that’s bursting with high quality content – the very reason why search engines are attracted to it. Without spending too much, AMEX wasable to grow a website through user-generated content.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola is currently working hard for their Content 2020, the campaign that would double their sales by the end of the decade. This huge task requires great effort and even greater resources. Coca Cola is well aware about what quality content can do for an enterprise that’s why they are taking Content 2020 very seriously.

Author Bio: Sunny Popali is SEO Director at Tempo Creative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and internet marketing services including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.

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