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Social media has turned into a marketing powerhouse for businesses. Companies in all industries are riding the wave of mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Even search engines pay attention to the effect social networking has on local and organic ratings. Services like Social Media Company take that energy and find ways to utilize it with some surprising results. Take a look at some social media success stories.

Building Relationships

One Florida equine dentist is using Facebook to expand his practice. Equine dentistry is a specialized business that requires a personal touch. Since there is not a horse dentist in every town, it makes sense that owners would go online for help. By turning Facebook into a relationship-based lead generator, this doctor has been able to grow beyond his region. The practice has brought attention from the industry media, as well.

Expanding into New Industries

Steel buildings are not something the average Facebook or Twitter user would need, but one company found these sites were assets when looking to expand their clientele into new industries. They used photographs of existing buildings on social media pages to prove the versatility of their product. Through the use of pictures, they were able to tap into industries that had been beyond their reach up until this point. Small businesses like farmers and woodworkers couldn’t visualize how a steel building would benefit them until they saw them in action through social media.

A Foot in the Door for Start Ups

One of the most difficult tasks for a startup business is finding ways to get the word out to potential customers. A Boston company marketing a new and distinctive product turned to social media for promotion. They let “friends” follow the sales growth and marketing campaigns on their Facebook page. Employees posted videos and reports about their progress, including documenting new installations as they came along. Social media drives more traffic their way than any other channel.

Rehabilitate a Reputation

The aviation industry took a hit in 2008 when corporate execs testified for federal aid after flying to Washington in private planes. Consumers deemed private transportation as excessive considering the claim of poverty. Unfortunately, the outcry went beyond just the major airlines. One aircraft maintenance company took social media sites to help rebuild their image after the scandal. They found they were able to use Facebook to foster a more positive view of their service.

Social media is the new black when it comes to business growth. With the help of experts in the field such as Social Media Company, businesses can expand their customer base, generate new relationships and help promote their brand.

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