End Of Ceefax Marks UK's Complete Switch To Digital


The “red button” is now the only way you can access news and sport updates from the BBC on your television, after its Ceefax service was brought to an end recently.

A five-year project converting the United Kingdom’s analogue television signal to a fully digital signal has been completed, saving millions of pounds of licence fee money. The final stage of the project was completed when the analogue signal was turned off across Northern Ireland and, with it, the end of Ceefax.

Steve Herrmann, editor of the BBC News website, praised the Ceefax service. He told Metro: “Throughout its distinguished years of service to audiences, Ceefax has always aimed to provide news which is clear, concise and simply expressed.”

A Brief History of Ceefax
Ceefax was launched in 1974 and has always had a large following from people in all walks of life. Former prime minister Sir John Major, who checked sports scores on Ceefax between government meetings, said it would be “much missed”.

Ceefax’s old-school look and feel may now have gone for good, but the digital switch-over has only been good news for millions of viewers around the UK.

Digital Signal is the Future
Up to 40 new channels are accessible for nearly all of the country under the digital signal. These include some of TV’s big names including BBC Three, BBC Four and channels from ITV and Channel 4, along with many others. Amongst those 40 extra channels, there are programmes for everyone, from comedy and sport to films and documentaries. This is a big step forward, so people across the UK can have access to digital TV across the country.

For many, there is also now the prospect of a High Definition (HD) signal, available on HD Freeview boxes. This means it’s possible to watch all of the best shows from the main channels in clearer and higher quality than ever before. An HD compatible television and Freeview box is obviously required, but if you get a TV on credit then you can access all that for less. There is even the possibility of 3D channels in the future, so you can indulge in the ultimate television experience. Just make sure you have a TV that is 3D compatible and those trusty glasses so you can access this whol new digital world.

The Ceefax era may have come to an end, but the future of television is only just beginning – who knows where television will be in 10 years time?

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