Why Every 99 Out Of 100 Sales-Page Fails To Convert?



One good sales page can make you a millionaire, if it is bang on target. You just have to know what it takes to compose a sales page that can sell your product like anything.

If you are an Internet marketer then you must know the importance of a sales letter. If a sales page is good one then it can convert a lot of readers into customers otherwise it is just waste of time.

Well! In reality you cannot become a millionaire overnight with writing just one sales letter. As it takes experience of years and years.

However you can keep in mind, what are those factors because of them every 99 out of 100 sales page fails to convert. Why a reader move away from sales page without buying your product.

If you are a new marketer and not being able to make a break through until now then read the article to know what is wrong with your sales page.

Diversion Tactics

So the first factor that is responsible for the failure of your sales page is “Diversion Tactics”.

What does it mean?

Google Ads, Google Ads and Google Ads

Whenever a reader lands on a sales page then you must try your best to prevent him from moving away.

But what if when you yourself want the reader to divert from your sales page.

Yes! I am right. This always happens when you place Google Adsense ads (or other ads) on top of your sales page.

Therefore when a reader lands on your page then the first thing that he or she encounters is Google Ads.

Avoid placing ads on sales page, it must be free from ads.

Designing Content

Most of the sales page fails to convert because of improper design. How do you design the content of your sales page?

Off course your sales page cannot be like an essay written in paragraphs. You must have a layout in which you will be communicating your readers.

The moment readers land on sales page you must have something to capture their attention. Remember you have only fraction of a second.

Then you must get the reader to read the entire body of sales page and finally you have to make an offer so that sales can occur.

Hence the content design of sales page would be like this.

First is Attention: Get readers attention.

Second is Reading: Get him to read the body.

Third is Action: After reading he must take an action and buy your product.

Act of Persuasion

Act of Persuasion is the most important reason why a sales page fails to convert. In fact not just sales page any marketing campaign would fail if you cannot persuade.

After you are able to get attention of your readers then you have to get them to read the body of sales page. Body will tell all the USP or benefits of the product.

After reading the body part they must be convinced and finally end up buying that product.

But it is body part where most of the Internet marketers fail to persuade readers and they move away from there.

To convince them use headlines, bold letters, emotional words, colors etc in the body.


A reader gets easily pissed of when he comes to know that the testimonials and other proofs are fake.

Never try to mislead your audiences by telling lie. In a sales page it has become a norm to include dozens of testimonials and images.

If you don’t have them then you can ignore rather going for fake one.

Benefits that you would be mentioning must be genuine and not just false claim. Otherwise you will not be able to establish an authority as a marketer.

Lack of Originality

Finally a sales page fails because lack of originality. Never make an attempt to copy a sales page written by somebody else.

There are hundreds of sales letter present on Internet written by top marketers. It is a normal practice that people just copy these letters and writes their own sales page. This is waste of time.

If you are plagiarizing then it would not be unique in its nature. Always try to create sales page which is new and tailored according to the latest trend.

Readers always love that is something new and unique.


Finally in conclusion I would only say that you must know why every 99 out 100 sales page fails to convert. First reason would be diverting reader’s attention by using Google Ads. Second is not properly designing sales page content. Third one is you do not know how to persuade your readers. Fourth is deceiving reader through false testimonies and claims. Last one is lack of originality in sales page.

If you are ready to address these issues then you can end up selling products to more and more customers.

The blog post by the Pritam Nagrale who writes about SEO, internet marketing and online jobs in Hyderabad. If you’re looking for more outlets for making money online, then you must go to the blog Jobs8Home here you could find hundreds of best ways and tips to make money online.

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