Lite Brite Makes a Big Step from Table Top to iPhone


Lite Brite Makes a Big Step from Table Top to iPhone

Lite Brite app for iPhone and iPod Touch can be described as the 1970s imaginative electronic project for young ones toy that has been recreated with the recent technology. To recapture the old memories it evoked then, the argument is, come up with images that are varying in terms of colour shades that can out shine a black background. It is a good imitation of the old toy and has incorporated various state of the art components as well.

Lite Brite contains three different ways for children (or adults) to have fun with and to invent new ideas. The standard assortment of template can be found, which entails the memorable clown, an airplane, flamingo among others, but it also contains a free-style format that gives somebody a chance to come up with whatever image pleases the person.

While Lite Brite rule free as well as cartoon formats  has decided to employ  some  recent computer design features, some  of examples being some simple shapes ,lines ,letters, an eraser, and the potential to magnify images ,the old model  as well  integrates game qualities which include competitions that have to be completed within a specified time, as well the capability to decode some other colored  pegs. When incorporated with the  motion pictures studio, the final out-come is a state of the art, a better imaginatively created way to have  fun in Lite Brite,minus loose pegs and bulbs that are not working.

A highly effective invention targeting very intelligent children and grown _ups who want to refresh some old fond memories, the Lite Brite app has found a soft spot on the touch screen idea that it has decided to adapt. One of its biggest challenges though, which is rather funny bearing in mind that EA is a well established company, is its magnitude. At times, the app won’t start operating, at times it ceases to exist on the home screen, and more often than not, the program just hangs or the app refuses to respond to touch commands. If the creative invention is made affordable, a  simple method to monitor the bugs would go a long way into making Lite Brite  such an immense  recipe of tested and a program that has been proved world over as a great work of art, an intelligent and easily understood way of recreation by children of whichever age bracket. When the game does not work, it can be really stressing, but on those instances that Lite Brite works without any disappointments, a person gets a mobile Lite Brite that is useful in keeping intelligent children occupied and with lots of fun.

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