Loop & Learn promotes knowledge sharing


Loop & Learn promotes knowledge sharing

Loop & Learn is a rare and creative method of studying. This educational tool is utilized using the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The Loop & Learn adopts a learning method called “spiral learning”. Loop & Learn uses text as well as audio and picture images simultaneously. It then forms small bits and pieces of information that are understood one after the other. With Loop & Learn users are able to share their own learning loops.

With Loop & Learn, one can come up with study material that can be used for language training, vocabulary, music among other subjects one would like to learn. It is important to note that Loop & Learn does not have any ready content that it provides to its users but rather the user has to come up with their own content. All in all it can still be rated as an upcoming educational tool.

It is difficult to understand Loop & Learn at a glance that is why it comes along with a user manual that helps the person understand the whole concept. Available is a library where one can be able to add onto their knowledge of loops. Loops are easy to find as they arranged in an orderly manner such as by tags, titles and categories. This makes the search for any particular loop very easy.

Coming up with a learning loop is easy, but if you want to come up with an effective loop then this would be more time consuming. You would have to copy and paste the selected data, search save and upload the pictures required or chosen and finally recording.

For users whose aim is learning rather than sharing information then they would have to depend on others to create loops or on the other hand probably they would need to create their own loops. The library has got amazing loops in its database which the user can look at and utilize. However, one would still be required to come up with their own loops in order to get information on the topics they want.

Loop & Learn is applauded for the support it gives to global learning. It is important to acknowledge that Loop & Learn is targeted for those who want to share knowledge and the same time learn. For those who are wondering how Loop & learn works then they can first download the free version and give it a try. With the free version only one loop is stored at any particular time. If you are among those who love education and want to share what you know then definitely the Loop & Learn would be ideal for you.

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