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It is a well known fact that over the course of the last two decades, mobile phones have transformed in ways that we would have never of thought of back in the 1990’s, when phones were merely a form of verbal communication on the move, with occasions short message texts. With more phones on the market than ever before this does mean that there are a lot of older models of phones that have been discarded in rubbish bins, landfill sites, and in storage boxes or containers.

In principal more phones, leads to more problems for the environment around us as they contain toxic chemicals that if not disposed of in a correct manner can affect the Earth.

Until 2009 mobile phone recycling was unheard of in the public eye, and was more a business to business operation. Now, the mobile phone recycling sector is booming and helps hundreds of thousands of people trade in broken, old, and even new mobile phones with a cash incentive. So they get a cash reward for the phone whilst the environment benefits from one more phone that doesn’t end up on a landfill site.

Most phones traded in for recycling will get reconditioned and then sent out to third world countries for use. Others will be sent to smelters who will reclaim the precious materials, and occasionally they will also be refurbished and put back into circulation.

So what does SellMyMobile actually do?

Rather than going direct to a recycler the SellMyMobile site offers a comparison so customers can get the best possible price for the handset they want to part with. In some cases by comparing a phone customers could make over £70 rather than going direct.

Jane Edwards works for the mobile phone recycling price comparison website and which help people across the UK and USA who are looking to solve the question of “can I sell my phone for the best price, whilst making a change to the environment”. The site has been established to compare prices on leading recyclers such as Envirophone and offer insight into the best prices and customer services provided by these recyclers.

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