Adding PaperCut to Your Office Printing Systems


We are all trying to reduce the amount of printing completed in our office. Printing is not only expensive but is also harmful to the environment. There are ways that have been developed to reduce the amount of printing that comes from our offices through the use of additional software like PaperCut.

Adding PaperCut to Your Office Printing Systems

PaperCut is software which can be added to your organization to help reduce the amount of office printing carried out. Some of the ways that this software is configured to help are:

We can apply enterprise wide print policies. This is where PaperCut intercepts printing requests at the print server. Some examples are routing large jobs to high speed printers, allowing popups to prompt the user to print double sided instead of single.

Secure print release and find me print allows customers to release print jobs from the device. With user identification this means that lots of unnecessary print jobs are not printed that would otherwise never be collected. Also there can be manager approvals added ensuring the job is approved before it is printed.

Reports are generated so that print habits can be monitored. This will enable the administrator to keep a check on users printing in too much colour for instance. The data can be accessed through any web browser or scheduled to be automatically generated and emailed. Custom reports can be created, there are options to filter and sort the data.

PaperCut is effortlessly deployed, there is an installation wizard which will install server software and then automatically detect printers and multifunction devices on the network. The install wizard allows you to define user access rights. Then there can be page costs and quotas set. In allocating users with a certain amount of copies allows complete control over the prints allowed per user and department.

It’s amazing how adding a total printing solution system, with monitoring changes peoples printing habits.

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