Internet Technology Offers Golden Opportunity for Baby Boomers Retirement


Plenty of Baby Boomers are now facing retirement age – and not everyone either wants to stop working, or can really afford to do so. With the doom saying of the press unpleasantly leavening the reality of shrinking pensions and rising bills, it’s just as well that there is a ray of sunshine out there – in the shape of Xfinity internet and its powerful brethren, the next generation of net technology ready to change the world.

Internet Technology Offers Golden Opportunity for Baby Boomers Retirement

So what’s the score? Simply put, more power. There is a whole host of internet applications out there waiting to be realised, all of which can help us save and even create wealth where and when we need it most. The increasing power and flexibility of our home internet connections (as exemplified by Xfinity internet, which puts the house at the centre of a communications hub designed to bring the net to life) mean we can consume multiple channels of information on multiple devices over one connection. That’s a way to streamline payment while maximising the ways in which the internet is able to serve us.

4G mobile connections are starting to gain in strength and widespread use; opening avenues of opportunity for entrepreneurs waiting to make something out of untapped avenues and as yet unseen opportunities. Smart technology is waiting in the wings, a whole new brand of tech (of which the Xfinity internet connection is itself a part) that makes our web experience complete.

The Xfinity connection is an able example of smart technology, the first wave of which is set to make your retirement years more golden than you might think. Imagine an easy to use TV system, which relays messages from your phone. Imagine, too, a super fast internet connection, which allows you to gather all of your streamed entertainment into an easy to use site – saving you time and keeping you save from unwarranted phishing attacks into the bargain.

Imagine communication that breaks down traditional boundaries imposed by devices – so your phone is no longer a standalone item and your TV is just one way that you can watch audiovisual entertainment. That’s smart technology, the web of the future. With Xfinity internet and comparable packages, it is being pumped into a home near you already.

Surely this kind of super-interactive technology is beyond the means of a retired Baby Boomer? Well, not necessarily. The companies delivering these “triple play” packages have arranged a scale of prices that give you different levels of access (mostly to do with speed of connection and the number of channels that you get on your digital TV transmission) according to the amount of money you pay per month. As long as you pick the right supplier for your area and your favourite TV shows (different services seem to have different channels available in HD, so check with Xfinity internet before you commit), you will be able to tailor your package to the kind of net use you are actually likely to engage in.

So what does all this have to do with wealth and Baby Boomers? Simply put: brave new world, lots of time on your hands. Learn some new skills and get in on the ground floor of the next generation.

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