How to Look After Your Laptop Properly


You have just bought a new laptop. How will you avoid unnecessary computer repairs, and do you know where to get necessary computer support?

Computer repairs can usually be avoided. The only time you should need them is because you have mistreated your new device. Most people don’t actually know how to look after a laptop properly. When you get your device home, there are a few things you should be thinking about straight away. Do some of these things wrong, and you will be always be plagued by the same problems. Follow these very simple rules, and you can expect an extended lifespan and enjoyable personal computing. Hopefully, you are not reading this article too late.

How to Look After Your Laptop Properly

  • Always charge your battery from the start. Everyone has learnt they need to charge a mobile phone battery for an extended time on the first charge. There is little difference with your laptop battery. Your first few charges are going to make a real difference on the life of your new battery. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, always make sure you give your new laptop a good solid charge overnight after you get it home.
  • Always use your battery well. Lithium batteries like to be used. Many people think they will get a better life out of their battery if they have their machine plugged into the AC power most of the time. This is not the case. Using your battery until it is fully depleted will help extend the life of the battery.
  • Get a silicon keyboard mat. The easiest way for junk to get into your laptop is between the keys. Keys are also the parts of your computer that are used the most. They are touched constantly and they are always moving. Keep your laptop cleaner on the inside, and keep your keys looking fresh with one of the best accessories for your laptop — a silicon molded keyboard mat. They fit over your keyboard with amazing precision and will increase the life of your beloved new machine.
  • Get a neoprene cover. Even if your laptop covered when it is not in use. Fine dust will always penetrate your device. Reducing it will keep your laptop operating better. While laptops are designed as portable devices, they still have moving parts. Keeping them tightly covered, with a neoprene cover even when you have a laptop bag always makes sense. Minimise the amount you move it around, and make sure it is fully shutdown before you throw it in your bag. The more you move it, the more stress you put it under.
  • Use your laptop on a hard surface. Modern laptops have some serious processing power under the hood. The name laptop implies we can use them on our lap. Do not use your laptop on your lap. When your laptop is sitting on a desk, small ‘legs’ on the laptop will keep the base several millimetres from the surface of the desk. This allows airflow between the surface and the base of the table. This will keep the device cool. Overheating because the base of the laptop is flush on a surface, or resting against soft materials, such as your clothing or your bed, will lead to wear and potential damage.

Whatever device you buy. Make sure you get guaranteed computer support from your manufacturer, retailer or a qualified tradesperson. If something goes wrong, it will be because you were unlucky enough to get a defective machine. Support and warranty packages are essential when owning an electronic device. If you are buying without such a support package know there are even newer companies which supply similar support packages for home-users on monthly plans. Always read your manual and as we all know, make sure you run the regular system maintenance applications.

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