On Board Truck Scale Technology – Maintenance Tips and Many More


We can’t deny the fact that truck scales are the lifeblood of the weighing industry and it is rightly being touted to be one of the most versatile solutions for weighing. You can use truck scales to weigh a range of materials like rock, concrete and even other aggregates. While truck scale is vital, one thing that is often forgotten about is its preventative maintenance program and this is crucial enough. When your weighing equipment is serviced properly, this reduces the probability of inaccurate readings which can lead to either overcharging or undercharging. When the machine is maintained regularly, this also reduces the possibility of damage that is usually caused to the scale which can have consequences like excessive downtime, lost returns and costly and sudden repairs.

Therefore, it is imperative that you have the right maintenance and service at place but there are many other preventative steps which an operator can take to make sure the equipment stays dependable. It is good enough to run maintenance checks on the truck scale daily, weekly, monthly, bi-yearly in order to make sure it is operating in its optimum manner. Here are few maintenance tips for truck scales.

Inspecting truck scales – The daily tasks

When done on a regular basis, the users should take a close look at the platform to make sure there is no debris that has accumulated. The end and the side frames shouldn’t be fouled and check whether or not the digital display reads zero before the vehicle drives to the platform. The transports should come slowly towards the platform in order to avoid sudden braking and if you wish to get an accurate reading of weight, make sure that the wheels are set perfectly on the truck scale.

Checking the load and weight – Weekly jobs

Weekly tasks can include checking the load cell watchfully for build-up of debris which has to be removed without hurting the call cables of the load. Operators need to carry a weekly weigh check by utilizing a loaded vehicle and you also have to compare the weight of the vehicle at every end of the truck scale. If you find any small discrepancies of +2 divisions, you have to repair such inaccuracies to avoid future discrepancies.

Cleaning the truck scale foundations – Once in a month

The truck scales which are pit-mounted need to be checked every month for water ponding, accumulation of debris or damage to the edge of foundations. If you think that the platform has moved too much since its previous inspection, it has to be reported to the provider of maintenance service. Then you also have to het-wash the truck scale to eliminate all sorts of loose debris or other materials beneath the platform.

When you give proper care to the truck scale, this will offer you hassle-free operation between the usual maintenance visits which are planned. The operators shouldn’t opt for any work of maintenance on their own as that might have an adverse impact on the operation of the truck scale.

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